Youths have F.U.N.

Youths get acquainted during the ice-breaking session.

Youths get acquainted with each other during the ice-breaking session.

On Saturday 17 October, Nalanda Youth Centre held the first session of Fellowship Undergraduate Network (F.U.N.) 2015.  Participants from various higher institutions came together for the orientation programme, themed Hello Friend & Friendship.  The programme kicked off with a lively ice-breaking session, followed by an introduction to Buddhist culture and the offering of lunch dāna.  Sis. Sumanā Lim spoke about the importance of dāna, which are acts of giving that help to reduce greed and promote selflessness.

Dāna can be done in many forms, such as the giving of material things, service, comfort, and Dhamma.  Subsequently, a lunch dāna was held for two Venerable sirs and the value of generosity was put into practice.  Nalanda founder Bro. Tan gave a Dhamma teaching to the youths.  He introduced Buddhism and Dhamma, and spoke about how practising Dhamma can bring benefit to our lives.  It was indeed a fruitful session for the youths!

Nalandians offering lunch dāna to the venerable monks after   their alms round.

Nalandians offering lunch dāna to the venerable monks.


Dhamma-sharing with Bro. Tan.

Dhamma-sharing with Bro. Tan.