Nalanda Youth Centre

19 March 2017

Youthful Lunar New Year gathering

On Saturday 11 February, Nalanda Youth Centre hosted a gathering to usher in the Lunar New Year.  Decorated with auspicious blessings and ornaments, Nalanda Centre was made ready to receive our red-clad guests for the merry event.  The evening kicked off with pot-luck dinner prepared by the youths, as familiar faces reconnected and rejoiced together.

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18 February 2017

Calmness and peace for youths

In an increasingly fast-paced world with many demands, people of all ages are feeling the acute stress of hectic lifestyles.  Are you among those disturbed by the vagaries of life?  Do you feel exasperated whenever conflicts arise at work or home?  How about having to face up to criticisms and hostility?  How do you handle all that stress and pressure effectively?

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31 January 2017

Meditation retreat for youths

Are you disturbed by the many uncertainties in life?  Or feel exasperated whenever conflicts arise?  How about having to face up to criticisms and past regrets?  How do you handle all that stress and pressure effectively?

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26 January 2017

Delightful day of discovery

Nalanda Youth Centre began the New Year with a joyous ‘Day of Discovery’ on Sunday, 8 January.  After an introduction to Nalanda by host Bro. Jie Sheng, the youths participated in a series of games which allowed everyone to bond and get to know one another better.

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4 January 2017

Familiarisation tour by Baha’i youths

Report by Chan Jia Xin.

On Saturday 22 October, three youth members representing the Baha’i community came to Nalanda Centre on a familiarisation visit.  The guests were warmly received by Nalandian youth officers Bro. Disheng and Sis. Xelynn, who brought them on a building tour.

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27 December 2016

Visit by Universiti Malaya student leaders

On Sunday 27 November, 12 committee members of Persatuan Buddhis Universiti Malaysia (PBUM) paid a visit to Nalanda Centre.  It was the first visit for the new management committee, who came to explore and learn more about the work done at Nalanda.

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15 December 2016

Great ‘Reunion Day’ for youths

Three months after the awesome Dhamma-Living Camp for Young Adults in Genting Highlands, Nalanda Youth Centre invited former participants back for a hearty reunion.  60 young campers, including some who travelled all the way from Kedah, returned for the reunion at Nalanda Centre on 8 October.  The purpose of this ‘Reunion Day’ was to reconnect with spiritual friends, and to rejoice in each other’s learning experiences since the camp.

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28 November 2016

Changing the ‘world’ with compassion

On Sunday 16 October, Nalanda Youth Centre was blessed to have Bro. Tan join our weekly Sunday Service.  Bro. Tan gave a Dhamma teaching on how we can bring about positive change in the world through the cultivation of compassion.

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25 November 2016

Meditation Retreat on Saturday

Participants of the Dhamma-in-Youth meditation retreat are reminded to arrive at Nalanda Centre for registration between 8.00am and 8.45am this Saturday.  The retreat begins at 9.00am.  This one-day meditation retreat is specially catered for youths aged 16 to 29 to learn how to ‘de-stress’ and attain inner peace despite having packed academic, work and social schedules.  We look forward to seeing you on Saturday!

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16 November 2016

‘Silver Lining Day’ at Siddharthan Care Centre

Report by Chan Jia Xin.

Silver Lining’ is a programme initiated by Nalanda Youth Centre in 2015 to promote acts of kindness towards others among Malaysian youths.  A ‘Silver Lining Day’ is organised once every three months where youths dedicate one Sunday to serving the community.

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