Dhamma Talk

4 June 2017

Branching out beyond ourselves

Report by Megan.

On Sunday 9 April, Nalanda Centre hosted Dr. Punna Wong Yin Onn, who came all the way from Johor Bahru, to present a talk on Buddhist leadership, titled ‘Branching out beyond ourselves’.  Dr. Wong shared that leadership means the ‘act of influencing people towards a certain direction’.  In doing so, it is vital for Buddhist leaders to have Right Understanding, Right Thought, and other factors of the Noble Eightfold Path.

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3 June 2017

How to grow ourselves spiritually

On Sunday 2 April, Sis. Santī Cheang presented a talk on ‘how to grow ourselves’ in spirituality and wisdom.  She said that most people nowadays seek ‘happiness’ from external stimulus. However, such fleeting and worldly happiness does not make us spiritually grounded, and gives us no lasting satisfaction.

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22 May 2017

Remembering and honouring our roots

Report by Megan.

On Sunday 26 March, the Director of Pustaka Nalanda Bro. Ananda Fong was invited to present a talk titled ‘Remembering Our Roots’ in conjunction with the traditional Chinese Qing Ming observance.  In Buddhist scriptures, father and mother are often described as ‘Brahma’, comparable to divine heavenly beings who are worthy of reverence.

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21 May 2017

Nottingham Buddhist Society Camp

The Nottingham University Buddhist Society held their 7th Annual Camp at Nalanda Centre from 24 to 26 March.  The objective of the camp was to let participants understand the dangers of attachments, and to develop Right View.

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20 May 2017

Wesak volunteer appreciation day

We invite ALL volunteers of the recent Wesak ‘Buddha Day’ Observance at Nalanda to join us for this week’s Sunday morning service, followed by a volunteer appreciation ceremony.  The service begins at 9.00am with meditation, chanting, and a Dhamma talk by Bro. Tan, followed by volunteers’ sharing and communal lunch.  All are welcome!

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15 May 2017

The highest gift to parents

Saturday 18 March was Nalanda “Patron’s Day” and the 99th birth anniversary of our late spiritual adviser – Venerable Dr. K. Sri Dhammananda.  In conjunction with the occasion, Sis. Sandy Lim gave a Mandarin Dhamma talk on what constitutes ‘the highest gift’ at Nalanda Sungai Petani Branch.

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9 May 2017

Celebrating the eve of ‘Buddha Day’

Today is the eve of Wesak full-moon ‘Buddha Day’.  A very significant spiritual moment happened in the life of the Buddha this day before His Enlightenment.  He received food offering from Lady Sujata and with strength regained, He sat meditating under the pipal tree throughout the night, and achieved Awakening the next dawn!

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8 May 2017

Amazing start to ‘Buddha Day’ celebrations

This year’s Nalanda Wesak ‘Buddha Day’ celebrations went off on a terrific start since early yesterday morning.  The good weather brought a steady stream of visitors to Nalanda Centre throughout the day.

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7 May 2017

‘Buddha Day’ celebration begins

The celebration of Wesak begins at Nalanda Centre today with morning service at 9.00am, followed by Dhamma talks by Achariya Vijaya Samarawickrama on the “Nine Attributes of the Buddha”, and Mandarin talk by Bro. Ooi Boon Keat on “佛陀的九种德行”.  This afternoon at 2.00pm, there will be a forum on “Getting to know the Buddha”, featuring Dharma Drum Malaysia Superintendent Venerable Bhikshuni Changzao, and Bro. Wong from Bodhi KL Musical Group.

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5 May 2017

Dhamma teachings this Wesak

This Wesak ‘Buddha Day’, we are going to celebrate the Buddha’s teachings with many educational programmes such as talks in English and Mandarin, a Buddhist forum, exhibition, and even a procession.  An unprecedented 9 speakers have been invited to share Dhamma insights at Nalanda Centre over the 4-day Wesak observance period starting this Sunday, 7 May.

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