Ayasma Aggacitta conducts Meditation Retreat at Wisdom Park

Ayasma Aggacitta conducts Meditation Retreat at Wisdom Park

Retreatants are grateful to Ayasma Aggacitta for his guidance.

From Friday 14 June to Monday 17 June, Wisdom Park hosted Zest Connection and Staying Alive, social enterprises of mindfulness practitioners and facilitators, for their Meditation Retreat conducted by Ayasma Aggacitta.  Over 40 retreatants and volunteers spent this holiday weekend in the quiet and serene educational campus, enveloped in Dhamma learning, practice and service.

With Ayasma Aggacitta’s close guidance, retreatants learned and experienced for themselves ways to develop mindfulness and awareness not just in this retreat, but also in their daily lives.  We rejoice in the ardent efforts of the group and Ayasma Aggacitta’s compassionate teachings to cultivate calm and peace in the mind.  Sadhu anumodana.

Outdoor meditation session in the mornings.

Ayasma Aggacitta giving guidance at the start of the retreat.

Asking questions to clear their doubts.

Nalanda volunteers sending off Ayasma Aggacitta and expressing our well-wishes to him.

Interviews with retreatants.

Offering of meal dana to Ayasma Aggacitta.

Volunteers preparing simple meals in the morning.