Dhamma Session with Ajahn Karuniko

Dhamma Session with Ajahn Karuniko

Ajahn Karuniko guiding the congregation in an hour's meditation prior to the Dhamma talk.

On Wednesday 19 February, we were delighted to have Ajahn Karuniko guiding us in meditation and to deliver a Dhamma talk on “Mindfulness”.  After the evening Pūja and chanting, Ajahn skillfully guided the devotees for an hour’s meditation.  After which, Ajahn shared about the importance and benefits of calming our minds through meditation.

Ajahn Karuniko hails from England, and was ordained 30 years ago in the forest tradition of Ajahn Chah.  In his talk, Ajahn encouraged everyone to practice mindfulness diligently.  “Without mindfulness, one will either fight or flee when facing fear.  However with proper mental cultivation, one will be able to handle fear with calmness and wisdom,” said Ajahn.

“May you have beauty of mind from the practice of Dāna, Sīla and Bhāvanā.” - Ajahn Karuniko

It was indeed a wonderful evening for everyone to have the opportunity to associate with a wise teacher.  We thank Ajahn Karuniko for spending his valuable time with us at Nalanda, and may all of us continue to progress in the spiritual journey!