Dhamma talks by Venerable Gavesi

We invite everyone to attend these special talks on meditation by an experience teacher.

Nalanda is hosting a 5-day non-residential Meditation Retreat guided by Venerable Gavesi from 19 to 23 June.  We look forward to welcoming all meditators registered for the retreat to K. Sri Dhammananda Centre this Wednesday.  Participants are reminded to bring along a shawl or jacket as the retreat will be held in an air-conditioned hall.  We also encourage you to bring a notebook, stationery, water bottle and thermal flask for your use during the retreat.

Beginning Wednesday 19 June, Venerable Gavesi will deliver Dhamma talks every evening at 8 pm throughout the retreat period.  We invite you to take this opportunity to learn more about meditation from an experienced teacher.  All are welcome!