Insightful meditation with Ayya Susīla

Insightful meditation with Ayya Susīla


Group photograph of Ayya Susīla with Nalandians and devotees.

On Wednesday 9 September, Nalanda was honoured with Ayya Susīla’s presence to lead us in the weekly group meditation and Dhamma discussion.  Many Dhamma practitioners eagerly turned up to learn from Ayya’s vast experience and knowledge in the field.

Ayya Susīla started the session by explaining the two main methods of meditation – concentration meditation and insight meditation.  She explained that a concentrated mind ‘sees’ things as they really are, enabling one to see ‘anicca’ (impermanence), ‘dukkha’ (unsatisfactoriness) and ‘anatta’ (non-self) of the mind and body.  By clinging to the five aggregates namely, form, feeling, perception, fabrications, and consciousness, we prolong the cycle of ‘dukkha’ and ‘samsara’.

Ayya Susīla then guided meditators to practise ‘ānāpānasati’ (mindfulness of the in-breath and out-breath).  She further explained that when there is no ‘kilesa’ (defilements) entering the mind through the practice of ‘ānāpānasati’, the mind is purified at that moment, bringing peace and happiness.


Ayya Susīla explaining the two methods of concentration meditation and insight meditation.

After the meditation session, practitioners took the opportunity to clarify doubts in their daily practice with Ayya Susīla in an interactive and interesting Q & A session.  We are very grateful to Ayya Susīla for her wonderful guidance and we wish her much success in her ‘Dhammaduta’ (missionary) work.  Sadhu!


Nalandians and devotees practising meditation with the guidance of Ayya Susīla.