Insightful talk by Ven. Ajahn Dhammasīha

Ven. Ajahn Dhammasīha with Nalandians on his visit to Nalanda Centre on 19 June.

On Friday 19 June, Nalanda was honoured to host Venerable Ajahn Dhammasīha, a German bhikkhu residing in Australia, for an evening Dhamma talk.  Devotees were much inspired by Ajahn’s simple yet profound explanation on mental purification.  In a gradual approach to practising Dhamma, the first thing to cultivate is Dāna (generosity), followed by observing the Five Precepts properly, so as to overcome all unskillful behaviours.  In this way, we are cultivating for our own happiness and for the happiness of others as well.

Devotees were delighted and grateful to Ajahn Dhammasīha for his simple yet profound teachings.

Ajahn Dhammasīha also spoke about the methods to overcome the ‘five hindrances’ – i.e. (1) Sensual desires; (2) Aversion; (3) Sloth and torpor; (4) Restlessness and remorse; and (5) Doubt – so that the mind can be readied for purification.  This clears the path for cleansing the mind of all defilements that stain its purity, and remove all obstacles that block its progress from the mundane to the supramundane consciousness.

We thank Ajahn Dhammasīha for his wonderful teachings at Nalanda Centre.  Sadhu anumodana.

Sis. Buddhini was enthusiastic in clarifying her doubts with Ajahn during the Q & A session.