Joyful preparations for Buddha Day

Joyful preparations for Buddha Day

Youth volunteers preparing lotus candle-holders for the Heritage Procession on 19 May.

‘Buddha Day’ is less than a month away and all Nalandians are getting ready to celebrate the most significant event of the year for Buddhists.  For the past few weeks, many members and volunteers have started planning and preparing for the commemoration which will be held on 18 and 19 May.

This year’s Buddha Day theme is “Living Compassionately towards Peace and Harmony”.  Join us for the learning and devotional programmes which includes Dhamma teachings, Buddhist Forum, Sutta Study and the highlight of Nalanda’s observance – the Heritage Procession and worshipping of Buddha Relic.  You may access the full programme here.

Volunteers have been busy after Sunday Service preparing for the Buddha Day Observance.

Dhamma School students and volunteers upkeeping the Centre’s gardens and frontage.

Nalandians working in harmony to prepare for the Buddha Day Observance.

We also invite you to be an active participant of this auspicious occasion as a volunteer, in the spirit of selfless service.  To register, please contact Sis. Emily at 016-3399887 or Sis. Buddhini at 012-2955245.  Let us mark the anniversary of Buddha’s Enlightenment with deepened spirituality, devotion, and Right Understanding.