Meaningful Father’s Day at Nalanda

Meaningful Father’s Day at Nalanda

Happy Father’s Day to our first patriarch, leader, provider, protector, and coach in life!

On Sunday 18 June, Nalanda Dhamma School students in Serdang and Family Dhamma School students in Kuala Lumpur celebrated the love and care from their fathers and father-figures.  The celebrations created beautiful memories and also reinforced the importance of fathers in nurturing and shaping their children’s lives.

Alongside cheerful performances, the children also presented personalized gifts filled with heartfelt messages as tokens of love to express their gratitude and respect.  Bowing low before their parents, children sincerely thanked parents for their care and sacrifices, and humbly seeked for forgiveness for their wrongdoings.

Sis. See Hui Shien, Director of Nalanda Dhamma School sharing ways to repay the kindness of our fathers.

Teenagers learning ways to repay the kindness of our parents through Dhamma sharing by Sis. Yap Hui Hui.

Handmade gifts with heartwarming messages to thank their fathers, the superhero in their lives.

We rejoice in the Dhamma School facilitators’ effort in organising this meaningful programme.  Let us reflect with gratitude everything that has been done for us by our parents out of great compassion, and support them in return whenever we can.

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Sis. Ovia Tan having a reflection session with mothers.

Mothers also joined in the celebration by presenting a song to thank their husbands.

Fathers unleashed their creativity by making toys for children out of recycled materials.

Fathers prepared a simple lunch for their wives and children.

Children paying respect to their parents with humility and gratitude.

Sharing moments of joy and gratitude within families.