Sungai Petani Branch Members’ Day

Sungai Petani Branch Members’ Day

Members watching a recording of Bro.Tan's teaching on "The Significance of Taking Refuge".

On Saturday 27 June, members of Nalanda Sungai Petani Branch came together eagerly for the monthly Members’ Day gathering.  Members watched a video recording of Nalanda Founder Bro. Tan’s teaching on “Taking Refuge”, where he explained the significance of taking refuge in the Three Jewels properly and with understanding.

There are four manners in taking refuge whereby firstly, we should treat taking refuge as a lifelong dedication.  Secondly, we take refuge in the Three Jewels as protection for oneself from unmindfulness, wrong views, heedless actions, speech and thoughts.  Thirdly, we take refuge as a student coming to the teacher and shall never stop learning.  Fourthly, we take refuge in the Three Jewels as submission to spiritual training.  The understanding of the Dhamma after proper learning and practice will lead to humility, gratitude, and reverence to the Three Jewels.

Members participating actively in sharing their thoughts and in learning from each other.

The members then reflected on the teachings and had an active discussion on some questions raised.  Thereafter, Building Committee members Bro. Khaw Seng Giap, Bro. Teoh and Bro. Fong updated members on the construction progress of our NEO Centre in Sungai Petani.  Sadhu anumodana!

Branch Chairman, Bro. Seng Giap updating members on the NEO Centre building progress.