Nalanda hosts Ayya Santinī today

Nalanda hosts Ayya Santinī today

Ayya Santinī at Nalanda Centre.

We invite everyone to offer dāna and attend Ayya Santinī’s Dhamma talk today.

Nalanda Centre is honoured to host Venerable Bhikkhunī Santinī Therī today for a short visit.  Ayya Santinī is a well-regarded meditation teacher and renowned Dhamma speaker from Indonesia.  She is the Abbess of Wisma Kusalayani, a bhikkhuni-training centre near Lembang in West Java.

We invite everyone to take this opportunity to offer vegetarian lunch dāna at 11.00am today (Wednesday, 19 October), and breakfast dāna at 7.00am tomorrow (Thursday, 20 October).

Ayya Santinī arrived on Tuesday night.

Ayya Santinī arrived at Nalanda Centre from Indonesia on Tuesday night.

Tonight, Ayya Santinī will be giving a Dhamma talk after our weekly meditation session.  Meditation practice starts at 8.00pm, followed by Ayya’s talk at 9.00pm.  We welcome you to participate in this programme and be inspired by insightful Dhamma teachings by Ayya Santinī.

Offering breakfast.

We invite everyone to offer breakfast to Ayya on Thursday at 7.00am.