Nalandians observe “Samaggi Day”

Nalandians observe “Samaggi Day”

Bro. Tan came to give a short delightful sharing on “Samaggi”, which means unity and harmony.

On Sunday 29 March, Nalandians came together at Nalanda Centre in their white shirts and sarong in conjunction with “Samaggi Day”, which falls on the last Sunday of every month.  Nalandians and devotees were delighted when Founder Bro. Tan came to give a short sharing on “Samaggi”, which means unity and harmony.

Unity and harmony arises due to certain factors and conditions present such as respect, acceptance, love, appreciation and understanding.  When one has harmony within oneself, there is inner peace; and when there is harmony with others, happiness follows.  Bro. Tan urged us to apply the ‘lens of Dhamma’ to see others in order to appreciate people at a deeper level; and to often look at ourselves introspectively.  This way, our actions harmonise with the environment and the needs of others.

Assistant Secretary Sis. Mudita represented the Board of Management in giving the Society's message.

As usual, a representative from the Board of Management will deliver a message to Nalandians on “Samaggi Day”.  This time, Nalanda’s Assistant Secretary Sis. Mudita advised everyone to observe ‘Buddha Day’ (Wesak Full-moon) in a spiritual and joyful manner.  She encouraged everyone to cultivate the core values of service and learning; and come together in “samaggi” to prepare for the upcoming celebration.

Sis. Sunanda briefing about 'Buddha Day' Programme and elaborating on this year's Wesak theme.

Sis. Sunanda Ong shared with everyone on the programmes for Wesak Observance from 1 – 3 May.  The theme for this Wesak is, “Being a Good Practitioner & Good Friend”.  Sis. Sunanda then elaborated on the qualities of a good practitioner and friend.  It was another wonderful Sunday spent learning, practising and reflecting on the Dhamma at Nalanda!  Sadhu anumodana.