‘Pindacāra’ in Kuala Lumpur

‘Pindacāra’ in Kuala Lumpur

Venerable monks going along the ‘Pindacāra’ route at the Sri Petaling morning market.

On Saturday 7 March, the monthly educational ‘Pindacāra’ Programme at Sri Petaling and Happy Garden markets was held with three venerable Sangha members going on alms-round.  Many regular devotees gathered along the ‘Pindacāra’ route waiting for the arrival of the venerable monks to offer food.  Some market-goers were so inspired by the sight of composed monks that they promptly joined in the offering!

Showing her child the way to pay respect with 'añjali'.

After their alms-round, the Sangha members and volunteers returned to NEO Centre Happy Garden for a Dhamma talk by Bro. Aggaphala Yap.  Bro. Yap elaborated on the act of giving selflessly, which results in attaining happiness in this life and even beyond.  After the talk, lunch dāna was served to the venerable monks.

Bro. Aggaphala Yap gave a Dhamma talk at NEO Centre on 'Selfless Giving'.

It was another joyful session of ‘Pindacāra’ and we would like to thank the venerable monks from Sri Lanka Buddhist Temple Sentul, devotees and volunteers for your participation in this meaningful programme.  May the merits accrued be shared with all beings.  Sadhu anumodana!

Offering lunch dāna to the venerable monks at NEO Centre Happy Garden.