5 June 2022

World Environment Day

Today is World Environment Day, a time for us to heed the call to elevate our efforts in sustainable living.  When we over-utilise precious resources, we harm not just the environment but all living things that depend on it to survive.  To uphold the spirit of harmlessness, we must go out of our way to change our habits and give up unnecessary inconveniences.

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27 April 2020

An elusive Malayan icon

What animal is black and white, weighs up to 300 kg, lives in the jungles of Asia, and is not a Giant Panda?  It is ‘Tapirus indicus’ – or commonly known as the Malayan Tapir.  This inhabitant of our lowland jungles is the largest of 4 species of tapirs in the world, and the only one found in Asia.

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21 March 2018

Last male Northern White Rhino died

‘Sudan’, the last male Northern White Rhino, was euthanized on 19 March in Kenya after suffering ailments due to old age; he was 45.  With his death, there are only two other individuals from this subspecies left – ‘Najin’ and ‘Fatu’ – both females.  That means extinction for the majestic Northern White Rhino is only two deaths away.

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