30 May 2023

Evening service with Luang Por Lai Thipadhammo

On the evening of Saturday 27 May, devotees congregated at Nalanda Centre to learn from Luang Por Lai Thīpadhammo, a senior Thai forest monk who trained under the late Ajahn Chah.  Luang Por was accompanied by Luang Por Sawang Kalyāno, Luang Por Charlie Piyadhammo, Ajahn Dton Dhirapanno and Ajahn Meng Techadhammo, who are on a Dhamma tour across Malaysia and Singapore.  The Dhamma talk was delivered by Luang Por Lai in Thai, and translated into English by Ajahn Dton.

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6 April 2023

Exploring verses of ‘The Dhammapada’

Let us reflect on selected verses of ‘The Dhammapada’ with Bro. Tan Siang Chye.  This is the first of three sessions, organised by Nalanda Institute Malaysia.  All are welcome.

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