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17 November 2023

DLCY campers reunite after two months

On Sunday 5 November, participants of the Dhamma-living Camp for Young Adults (DLCY) reconnected with their Dhamma friends at the Reunion Day.  Gathering at Nalanda Youth Centre, they were happy to see their kalyana mittas again and reminisced memorable moments learning Dhamma together.

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16 November 2023

Youth Exchange Programme starts today

This morning, Nalanda youths and volunteers received participants of the “Jambudvipa-Suvarnabhumi Buddhist Youth Exchange Programme (YEP)” who had travelled overnight from Ladakh.  Joyful to meet new Dhamma friends, both Malaysians and Ladakhis are eager to learn together and also learn more about each other over the next 10 days, with the commencement of YEP today.

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24 October 2023

Undergraduates learn about bonds of fellowship

The Fellowship Undergraduate Network (F.U.N.) programme is at its halfway point with its participants gathering last Saturday 21 October for their third session.  The university students explored the Sangaha Sutta (Anguttara Nikaya 4.32) with Bro. Lim Ajit, to better understand the foundations of positive social and familial connections.

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22 October 2023

Learning with Sis. Nandinī at Youth Sunday Service

On Sunday 15 October, Nalanda youths delved deeper into understanding the Five Hindrances and how to overcome them gradually, with Sis. Nandinī Tan at the Youth Sunday Service.  In the Āhārasutta (Samyutta Nikaya 46.51), the Buddha taught that giving careless attention to things such as sensual desires, ill-will, sloth and torpor, restlessness and doubt, become nutriments for the arising of the hindrances. 

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4 October 2023

F.U.N. starts this week

Fellowship Undergraduate Network (F.U.N.) programme starts this Saturday!  Organised by Nalanda Youth Centre, this programme which is designed specifically for university students aged 18 to 23, will explore the theme of ‘Leading with Purpose’ and provide a platform for youths to cultivate leadership qualities needed for personal and professional success.

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18 September 2023

Come join ‘F.U.N.’ with Nalanda youths

Nalanda Youth Centre is organising the Fellowship Undergraduate Network (F.U.N.) programme with the theme ‘Leading with Purpose’.  F.U.N. is a 6-session programme open to all university students aged 18 – 23 years old and will be held at Nalanda Centre, Sri Serdang.

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19 August 2023

Spirited youths serve at Family Fun Fair

Nalanda Youth Centre led over 100 youths in a meaningful day of service and fellowship at the Nalanda Family Fun Fair on Sunday 13 August.  Many of the youth volunteers had happily stepped up to give their time and effort having experienced and benefitted from the educational programmes at Nalanda such as Dhamma-Living Camp, Happy Young Adults and Fellowship Undergraduate Network.

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17 July 2023

Youths host leaders from KMB Widyodaya

On Sunday 16 July, Nalanda Youth Centre hosted 15 leaders and members from Komunitas Mahasiswa Buddhis (KMB) Widyodaya, the Buddhist Society of Prasetiya Mulya University in Jakarta, Indonesia.  They embarked on a trip to Malaysia and paid a visit to Nalanda after inviting Nalanda youths to share about Buddhist Education and how to run effective Dhamma programmes for youths.

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6 July 2023

‘Happy Young Adults’ programme comes to a joyful conclusion

On 27 June, the “Happy Young Adults” programme of 2023 culminated in a public forum on “Achieve Career Success NOW”, after eight weekly sessions to address common challenges faced by young working adults.

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22 June 2023

Achieve Career Success NOW

Nalanda Youth Centre welcomes working adults of ages 23-33 to join the Happy Young Adults forum themed ‘Achieve Career Success NOW’ and learn how we can thrive at the workplace, and find deeper satisfaction in life. Do share this with your family members and friends, for an opportunity to further enhance our well-being at work!

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