Three months Beginners’ Meditation Course at NEO JB

Three months Beginners’ Meditation Course at NEO JB

Ven. Jutipañño’s candid teachings were well received by the participants.

Nalanda Education & Outreach Centre,  Johor Bahru is hosting a three month ‘Bhavana Class for Beginners’ every Wednesday from 24 May.  Participants will be introduced to the Buddha’s teachings on the cultivation of the mind through guided sessions.

On 21 June, Ven. Jutipañño Mahāthero, Abbot of Dhamma Light Meditation Centre, Api-Api, Johor, led the meditation session. Venerable emphasized the dangers of an untrained mind.  With correct understanding and appreciation of this noble practice, we wish the meditators continued progress in their learning and practice.  Sadhu anumodana!

Participants and devotees cultivating calmness and, determination during the sitting sessions.

Ven. Jutipañño gave practical advice for participants to continue striving in their practice.

Devotees at the meditation session led by Ven. Jutipañño.

Opportunities to ask questions to clear their doubts around their meditative experience.

A group photo with Ven Jutipañño, the Nalanda JB members and devotees.

Sis. Ann Yap giving a guided meditation session to kickstart their learning journey.

Sis. Sua Siau Theng delivering a Dhamma talk to the group.

Participants are also guided in standing meditation, so that they can utilise these learnings to put into practice as suitable times in their daily lives.