Ven. Sanghasena leads pindacāra at O.U.G & Happy Garden

Ven. Sanghasena leads pindacāra at O.U.G & Happy Garden

This programme allows market-goers and vendors to learn how they can perform good deeds by supporting the monastic community.

On Saturday 18 November, Nalanda Kuala Lumpur Branch was honoured to host Ven. Sanghasena for pindacāra (monks on alms-round) at the local morning markets.  Market-goers and vendors who were familiar with the monthly programme (held on the first Saturday of every month) joyfully offered requisites to the Sangha, with gratitude for the added opportunity to do good.

In the Dhamma talk at NEO Centre in Happy Garden, Ven. Sanghasena expressed his delight in seeing the support of the community for the Sangha, who came forth with much respect and kindness.  He thanked the members and volunteers for their service to enable others to gain merits and also introduce Dhamma programmes to them.

Nalanda leaders greeting Ven. Sanghasena before the alms-round and briefs him.

Ven. Sanghasena thanks the volunteers for their service.

Members and volunteers all ready to assist in engaging the market-goers.

Stately and calm all through the alms-round.

Giving with respect and humlity.

Nalanda youth also take the opportunity to offer food and requisites.

A joy to see parents teaching their children by example.

Ven. Sanghasena also encouraged us to continue to cultivate ourselves in giving, morality and mental cultivation (dāna, sīla and bhāvanā).   With the conveniences of this day and age which avail to us Dhamma teachings by good teachers, our efforts in our learning and practice will reap the commensurate results.  Sukhihontu.

YEP youths happy to serve.

Upon reaching NEO Centre in Happy Garden, attendants help to wash venerable monks’ feet.

Receiving Ven. Sanghasena respecfully.

Ven. Sanghasena said that we have so much resources at hand to learn Dhamma, we must take advantage of it and also embed Dhamma into our lives.

A light moment with Ven. Sanghasena.

Presenting the certificate of participation in the Youth Exchange Programme to Sis. Chu Jun from Sungai Petani, who will be leaving for the north.

Devotees offer the food with gratitude.

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