Volunteers’ Sharing – Margaret Ng

Volunteers’ Sharing – Margaret Ng

Sis. Margaret NgSis. Margaret Ng

Treasury Officer
Nalanda Buddhist Society

Six years ago, a close friend recommended that I attend the talks and courses conducted at Nalanda. I was so inspired by each Dhamma talk here, as well as through the courses taught by friendly and knowledgeable Buddhist teachers. I was also touched by the Nalandians’ warmth and spirit of courage and compassion. I have truly learnt a lot and believe I have become a better person.

Gradually I became a Nalanda Volunteer and hence, being a Nalandian, I diligently exercise much effort in learning the Dhamma. Through this process, I have learnt to embrace a positive attitude towards life and its challenges. Having developed more empathy, patience and understanding, I have seen encouraging changes in myself which are further reflected in my relationships with family members, friends, and colleagues.

Nalanda has created a platform for me to learn, and also to serve. With clear guidance and inspiring leadership, we are encouraged to improve ourselves all the time. This has helped tremendously in my spiritual growth and personal cultivation. Thank you, Nalanda!