Bro. Tan elaborated on the seven stages of purification, quoting from ‘Rathavinīta Sutta’ – (MN No. 24).

On Sunday 22 March, Bro. Tan gave an insightful Dhamma talk on practising Dhamma, which begins with the purification of ‘Sīla’ (morality).  Basic Dhamma education is a way to teach people about understanding their personal and moral responsibilities, to uplift them, and to make them wholesome beings.  Bro. Tan also elaborated on the seven stages of purification, quoting from ‘Rathavinīta Sutta’ – ‘The Relay Chariots’ (Majjhima Nikaya No. 24).

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Group photograph of the visiting Kelantan Dhamma School teachers with Nalanda officers.

A group of 12 earnest Dhamma School teachers and Buddhist leaders from Kelantan came to Nalanda Centre Sri Serdang for a fruitful learning visit from 20 – 22 March.  They were warmly welcomed and hosted by Nalanda Dharma School (N.D.S.) Director Sis. Sunanda Ong and N.D.S. Facilitators.


Ajahn Sumedho and the visiting monks occupying the new Sangha Room at Level 4 of Nalanda Centre.

During his visit to Sri Serdang on Sunday 15 March, Nalandians invited Venerable Ajahn Sumedho and 3 accompanying forest bhikkhus to ‘officiate’ the new Sangha Room located at Level 4 (next to the Dhamma Teaching Hall) of Nalanda Centre.  Founder of Nalanda Bro. Tan invited the venerable monks to accept the ‘room offering’ for the use of visiting Sangha members.  Ajahn Sumedho graciously accepted the invitation and became the first person to ‘occupy’ the room.


Facilitators and students having fun at the waterfall.

From 18 – 20 March, Nalanda Dharma School (N.D.S.) students participated in a 3-day stay-in programme at Nalanda Centre with the theme “A Life Less Ordinary Begins Here”.  The 47 participants, including 5 students from Johor Bahru branch, had plenty of opportunities to build their character, courage and confidence throughout the camp.

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