May 252015

Wesak Observance Organising Chairperson, Sis. Sunanda, hosting the volunteers’ appreciation session.

On Sunday 10 May, the Wesak Observance Organising Team hosted an appreciation luncheon for all volunteers and devotees who contributed to the successful 3-day Wesak ‘Buddha Day’ programme earlier this month.

May 242015

The practice of ‘Ānāpānasati’ gradually leads on to the establishment of the “Four Foundations of Mindfulness” (Pāli, ‘Satipatthāna’).

“A monk, having gone to the woods, to the shade of a tree, or to an empty hut, sits down cross legged, holding his body erect, and setting mindfulness to the fore: mindfully, he breathes in; mindfully he breathes out.


Bro. Tan spoke about how families can grow in happiness and success guided by Dhamma principles.

Bro. Tan gave an inspiring talk on parenthood in conjunction with “Mother’s Day” on Sunday, 10 May.  He said that parents no doubt want to give the best to their children, with the wish that they become ‘successful’ in life.  However, ‘success’ should not be measured solely with worldly expectations such as wealth, fame, and popularity.

May 222015

Mothers were feted and honoured in a simple but meaningful celebration on "Mother's Day".

On Sunday 10 May, Nalanda Dharma School organised a simple yet heart-warming celebration to appreciate and recollect with gratitude the unconditional sacrifice showered upon us by our mothers.  Former School Captain Bro. Yuan Zhan and the musical team rendered two meaningful songs – 含泪的感恩 (Tears of Gratitude) and ‘Brahma of My Heart’, which definitely touched the hearts of many present.

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