Apr 272015

Devotees lining the ‘Pindacāra’ route and offering food to the monks with joy.

On Saturday 18 April, the ‘Pindacāra’ (monks going on alms-round) at Seri Kembangan market was joyfully held as the public offered food to the venerable monks with devotion.  After the alms-round, the three venerable monks from Sentul Sri Lanka Buddhist Temple performed blessings for devotees to conclude the morning programme.

Apr 262015

This tragedy has turned ordinary folks into extraordinary heroes trying their best to save other survivors.

The magnitude 7.8 earthquake that struck central Nepal between the two major cities of Kathmandu and Pokhara yesterday morning caused untold damages to the infrastructure of Nepal.  Thousands of homes, offices, and public buildings collapsed in the tremor, crushing and trapping people inside them.  So far, the death toll has surpassed 2,300 people, including dozens who died in neighbouring India and Tibet.

Apr 262015

We offer our prayers to the people of Nepal over the tragic loss of lives caused by this earthquake.

We invite everyone to pray and radiate thoughts of ‘mettā-karunā’ to the victims of the massive earthquake that overwhelmed Kathmandu and Central Nepal yesterday.  The earthquake and its aftershocks caused very extensive damage and a great loss of lives.  The death-toll has surpassed 2,000 and is still climbing as news streams in from the interiors.


The Buddhist Flag is a colourful and symbolic icon of the Buddhist faith.

Ever wondered why the Buddhist Flag is so colourful?

Well, they were not originally intended to be attention-grabbing; but they are undoubtedly conspicuous and eye-catching!  You see, the Flag was designed way back in 1885 in Sri Lanka.  Back then, the emerging modern Buddhist movement needed a peaceful yet potent symbol to rally followers around.

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