Work is progressing on the upper floors of the building, with Level 4 gradually taking shape.

Today marks the 105th day work began on the Nalanda Centre Expansion Project.  We are glad and thankful to share that to date, 52% of the overall work has been successfully completed.  Work is progressing rapidly on the upper floors of the building, with the Level 4 Dhamma Hall gradually taking shape.


The Nalanda KL Team played a very significant role in the organising of this year's 'Family Fun Fair'.

This year’s Nalanda ‘Family Fun Fair’ held over 23-24 August was a whole new level of experience for members of Nalanda Kuala Lumpur Branch.  Since the planning stage of this event, our KL Team members had been fully integrated into the Organising Committee, working alongside and receiving valuable guidance from our experienced colleagues from Sri Serdang headquarters.


The Nalanda JB stall getting wonderful support at the 'Family Fun Fair'.

Over the weekend on 23-24 August, 25 volunteers from Nalanda Johor Bahru Branch went to Sri Serdang to support the Nalanda ‘Family Fun Fair’ – the Society’s largest annual fund-raising event.  Funds raised at the Fair go towards the on-going Nalanda Centre Building Expansion Project and to support educational programmes of Nalanda Institute, Dharma School, and Free School.

In Memory of Sisters-in-Dhamma

 Posted on 26 August 2014  ,
Aug 262014

In memory of Sisters-in-Dhamma G G Tan, Julie Ang, Jennie Cheong, and Lee Ah Yem.

25 August marked the 5th anniversary of the passing of our dear friends Sis. G G Tan, Julie Ang, Jennie Cheong, and Lee Ah Yem in an accident in Ladakh, India.  Nalandians marked the solemn occasion by gathering for pūja, chanting and a Dhamma sharing by Sis. Sandy Lim at Nalanda Centre last night.  Today we shall perform Sanghika Dāna and share merits with the departed sisters-in-Dhamma.  Wherever they are, may they be well and peaceful.  Sotthi.

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