Despite the heavy renovations going on next door, Nalandian officers carry on with their duties resolutely. The office remains operational and serviceable.

Today marks the 140th day since the Nalanda Centre Building Expansion Project began.  Work is progressing smoothly on all levels, especially at Level 4 and the roof structure.  The Building Committee has indicated that Levels 2 & 3 may be completed earlier and handed over to Nalanda by mid-October.  This timely development will come in handy as Nalanda Centre will be hosting major events in the last quarter of the year, such as “Sangha Day”, holiday camps, members’ convention, and group visits.


Nalanda members watching the video 'Hope', produced by Bro. Andrew Tan for Siddharthan Care Centre.

On Sunday 21 September, Nalanda Buddhist Society members from Sri Serdang and Kuala Lumpur Branch gathered for a ‘family’ reunion at our ‘spiritual home’ – Nalanda Centre – for another Members’ Day.  The gathering started with a piece of good news  – our youths’ effort in producing a video titled ‘Hope’ for Siddharthan Care Centre won the best short film category in a recent competition.  The inspiring video was shown to Nalandians, and everyone rejoiced at the achievement of Bro. Andrew Tan, Bro. Gan Jia Cheng and Sis. Tan Ee Yean.


Acharya S. N. Goenka established many meditation centres and popularised the practice of ‘Vipassana’ in many countries, including in the land of its origin – India.

Today marks the first anniversary of renowned meditation teacher, Acharya Satya Narayan Goenka’s passing on 29 September 2013.  Nalanda Buddhist Society would like to pay tribute to a prodigious teacher who had created the conditions for millions of practitioners to experience the technique and bliss of ‘Vipassana Meditation’ first taught by the Buddha 2,600 years ago!

Sep 282014

Volunteers watching a tribute video in honour of all contributors to the Family Fun Fair.

On Sunday 21 September, volunteers and stall operators of the recent Nalanda Family Fun Fair 2014 were treated to a tea party to appreciate their contribution towards the success of the event.  About 60 people attended the tea party which was held at the Youth Centre.

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