The Nalanda Centre Expansion Project needs your kind support for its successful completion.

Today marks the 70th day that work began on the Nalanda Centre Expansion Project.  To date, 24% of the overall work has been completed, with safe and steady progress.  This is a project of great merit and strategic importance to the Buddhist community, as Nalanda serves the need for holistic education nationally.


We invite you to attend this Memorial Service for MH17, and dedicate merits to all those in need.

Dear friends, a special evening Service in memory of the casualties of MH17 will be held at Nalanda Centre on Wednesday 23 July, from 8pm to 10pm.  We invite you to participate in this Service with meditation, chanting, and a Dhamma teaching by Bro. Tan, who will talk about the Buddhist response to the vicissitudes of life.  All are welcome.


“Don’t just rush to perform ‘prayer sessions’ after every disaster; reflect and understand, too, the reality of life and the nature of grief.” – Bro. Tan

Excerpt of a Dhamma talk by Bro Tan.

“Spiritual strength and resilience is essential to help us face disasters with calmness and kindness.  It is important that we cultivate our minds and nourish our spirits with a lot of positive and wholesome qualities, such as patience, moral virtues, fortitude, perseverance, right understanding and wisdom.

Jul 212014

Happy participants after the maiden lecture on 5 July, inspired by the Buddha’s teachings.

Report by Sandy Lim  |  Photographs by Gan Jia Cheng

On Saturday 5 July, 46 registered participants attended the first lecture of the much-anticipated BPS 402 – Higher Certificate in Buddhist Studies – offered by Nalanda Institute Malaysia.  A similar course (BPS 401) was last organised 5 years ago, also by Nalanda Institute’s Department of Buddhist & Pāli Studies, from July to December 2009.

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