Traders and market-goers happily waiting in-line at the ‘Pindacāra’ route to offer alms to the monks.

On Saturday 17 January, Nalandians, volunteers and supporters were joyfully setting up the venue to welcome the first ‘Pindacāra’ (alms-round) at Seri Kembangan market in 2015.

Jan 262015

Before the lesson begins, students are taught to do meditation to calm their minds.

A new school term has begun; Nalanda Free School classes started on Monday, 12 January.  We would like to extend a warm welcome to all students for year 2015.


Sis. Nandini explaining some aspects of the Buddhist culture.

On Sunday 11 January, devotees and parents were glad to attend a ‘welcoming’Induction programme after the morning session of meditation, Pūja and chanting.  The 5-session programme aims to provide the essential knowledge on living in accordance with the Dhamma for the participants.

Jan 242015

Bro. Tan mentioned that respect is shown through our conduct, speech, thoughts and attentiveness.

On Sunday 11 January, Bro. Tan gave a short but insightful sharing on respect.  The Buddha had respect and reverence for the Dhamma.  As we learn the Dhamma, we can realise the value of respect and its importance.  Respect is shown through our conduct, speech, thoughts and attentiveness.  Once we have the value of respect through much learning, all the spiritual qualities that result in joy and happiness arise in us.  Hence, it is very important to have a learning attitude.

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