Two months after the downing of MH17

 Posted on 17 September 2014  ,
Sep 172014

Let us continue to pray for the casualties of MH17 and their remaining loved ones.

It has been 2 months since the tragic downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 over Ukrainian airspace on 17 July, while on its routine flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur.  The shock caused by this despicable act reverberated throughout the world – there was simply no excuse for such a horrific and senseless attack on an innocent civil airliner!

Sep 172014

Members of the N.E.T. comprise Directors and Heads of Department of Nalanda’s education divisions.

The Nalanda Education Team ( N.E.T.) members had a meaningful “Malaysia Day” by holding their second meeting yesterday morning at Nalanda Centre Sri Serdang.  The meeting was chaired by N.E.T. Chairman Achariya Vijaya Samarawickrama, and attended by all Directors and Heads of Department from Nalanda Institute, Dharma School, Free School, Pustaka Nalanda, and Youth Centre.

Happy “Malaysia Day” 2014

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Sep 162014

We wish all Malaysians at home and abroad a reflective and joyful celebration of nationhood.

Today, we mark the 51st anniversary of the formation of “Malaysia”.  Our nation was born when the Federation of Malaya merged with Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore in 1963.  (Singapore, however left the federation in 1965 to forge its own destiny.)


Bro. Tan explaining ‘Mettā Bhāvanā’ - the gradual development of loving-kindness and goodwill.

Report by Grace Ng  |  Photographs by Rudy Gan

On Thursday 28 August, the first session of the seven-week ‘Mettā Bhāvanā’ Meditation Course commenced at NEO Centre, Kuala Lumpur.  Nalanda Founder Bro. Tan was at the Kuala Lumpur Branch to conduct the guided meditation session, which started at 8pm.

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