Bro. Charlie Chia demonstrates the way to observe the ‘rising’ and ‘falling’ of the abdomen.

Report by Gan Bee Ching  |  Photographs by Gan Jia Cheng

On Sunday 20 July, devotees continued with Dhamma learning and spiritual cultivation at Nalanda Centre.  We were privileged to hear Bro. Charlie Chia deliver a light-hearted Dhamma talk titled, ‘It’s all in the breath’.


A group photograph of our MKBS friends and Nalanda officers in the Shrine Hall.

On Sunday 13 July, a bus-load of Maha Karuna Buddhist Society (MKBS) members and their Dhamma School students paid a learning-visit to Nalanda Centre.  The visitors arrived early in the morning and joined in the ‘Dhamma Day’ Service Sunday with pūja, chanting, and meditation.  Everyone felt happy listening to an insightful Dhamma talk by Nalanda Founder Bro. Tan, and thereafter performed Sanghika Dāna (lunch offering to monks).


Devotees chanting the ‘Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta’ led by Bro Tan.

Report by Gan Bee Ching  |  Photographs by Gan Jia Cheng

On Sunday 13 July, more than 100 devotees gathered at Nalanda Centre to commemorate ‘Dhamma Day’.  As the day signifies the preaching of Buddha’s first discourse after his Enlightenment, Bro. Tan led devotees in reciting the famous ‘Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta’.

Jul 282014

Nalanda wishes 'Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri' to all our Muslim friends!

On this festive occasion, Nalanda Buddhist Society wishes our Muslim friends ‘Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri’!

The past few months have been a trying period for Malaysia with several high-profile tragedies.  We as a nation and people must face it patiently with fortitude and resilience.  Malaysians of all religious persuasions should also use this opportunity to reflect wisely on the vicissitudes of life.  Let us treasure our existence, and live a beneficent and wholesome life.

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