Buddhist Conference

19 May 2017

Register today for WACANA 2017

Nalanda Institute and the Theravada Buddhist Council of Malaysia are organising WACANA 2017 Buddhist Conference on Saturday, 1 July, in Subang Jaya, Selangor. The theme for this year’s conference is “The Buddha Word – Discovering the Essential”.

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7 April 2017

Organising team visit venue of WACANA Conference

In early February, the organising team for WACANA 2017 Buddhist Conference conducted a site visit of the proposed venue at The Saujana Hotel near Subang Airport.  The team was there to inspect the ballroom, functions rooms and other facilities available at the resort, and to plan for the conference logistics.

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23 March 2017

Keynote speaker in Delhi Diwas

On 4 February, Bro. Tan attended the national-level “Mahakaruna Diwas” at the Nehru Memorial Library in Delhi as the keynote speaker.  The event was organised by Mahabodhi International Meditation Centre of Ladakh under the able leadership of Venerable Sanghasena Mahathera.  It was launched by His Excellency Ram Nath Kovind, the Governor of Bihar.

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5 February 2017

Meeting of Dhamma speakers

A few days before Lunar New Year, the Director of Nalanda Institute Achariya Tan Siang Chye hosted a dinner for Dhamma speaker Dr. Punna Wong from Johor Bahru.  Also in attendance were senior Nalandian officers Bro. Ananda Fong, Sis. Sandy Lim and Sis. Santī Cheang. At the informal meeting, they discussed the upcoming WACANA 2017 Buddhist Conference which will be held on 1 July 2017.  Dr. Wong indicated his unequivocal support for the conference, which is themed “The Buddha Word – Discovering the Essential”.

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23 January 2017

WACANA Conference set for 1 July

Nalanda Institute officers have been meeting for the past few months to prepare for WACANA 2017 – the premier Malaysian conference where the Sangha and laity gather to discuss pertinent issues that affect the Buddhist movement. This year’s WACANA Conference will be the fifth since 2007. It is scheduled to be held on Saturday, 1 July 2017, in Subang Jaya, Selangor. The theme for the conference is “The Buddha Word – Discovering the Essential”.

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10 July 2013

Enriching visit to Singapore for the 8th Global Conference on Buddhism

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6 November 2012

World Buddhist Conference 2012

The memorable moment of all Conference organisers together with speakers and moderators. It was a fruitful weekend, attended by many who have benefited from the Dhamma talks.

The World Buddhist Conference 2012, organised by Buddhist Gem Fellowship, Buddhist Missionary Society Malaysia and Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia, and supported by various Buddhist organisations in Malaysia and the World Fellowship of Buddhist Youth, was successfully held over the weekend from 3-4 November at Hotel Istana, Kuala Lumpur.

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13 July 2012

Happiness is Our Own Responsibility

3 & 4 November 2012

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