3 September 2016

Kelantanese youths visit Nalanda

During the July school holidays, a group of Kelantanese youths who had participated in the Dhamma-Living Camp for Young Adults extended their stay in Selangor so that they could visit Nalanda Centre.  Having found much inspiration and joy after the camp, the group wished to visit Sri Serdang to continue their learning.

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30 July 2016

It’s more than just a fund-raiser

Today and tomorrow, we anticipate literally bus-loads of supporters descending upon Nalanda Centre to take part in Sunday’s ‘Family Fun Fair’ – the one and only fund-raising event organized by Nalanda this year.  This afternoon, the first wave of Kelantanese devotees arrived to help out with preparations, to be followed by many more coming in buses and cars.  But why travel 450km one way just to take part in a ‘Fun Fair’?

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23 June 2016

Joyful learning for Kelantanese campers

During the June school holidays, 10 Nalandians made the journey to Kelantan to help organise a Teenagers’ Learning Camp at Wat Pracacinaram in Wakaf Bharu.  122 youths aged between 13 and 17 years from various parts of Kelantan participated in the four-day camp, from 2 to 5 June.

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14 June 2016

Joyful learning for teenagers at camp 

Early this month, 10 Nalandians made the journey to Kelantan to organise a Teenager’s Learning Camp at Wat Pracacinaram.  About 122 participants, aged 13 to 17 years, from various parts of Kelantan participated in the four-day camp, from 2 – 5 June.

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11 June 2016

Teenagers’ camp reported by Press

From 2 to 5 June, Nalanda Dhamma School co-organised a dynamic Dhamma camp in Kelantan for teenagers aged 13 to 17.  The 4-day camp was attended by 122 students from all over the East-Coast state.  School Director Sis. Sunanda led her team of 8 facilitators and youths to assist in running the holiday camp.

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29 December 2015

Teenagers shine at ‘Cermin Hati’ holiday camp

Nalanda Dhamma School (NDS) conducted its third holiday camp for teenagers on 8 – 10 December at Wat Sukhontharam, Tumpat in Kelantan.  It was a joint effort with Persatuan Meditasi Mettarama, Dhammarakkhita and Persatuan Peranakan Cina Kelantan (PPCK).

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17 December 2015

Excellent results for Kelantan students

On Saturday 12 December, 30 Kelantan participants of BPS303 – Certificate in Buddhist Studies course graduated with flying colours.  Their success was well-deserved as they had worked very hard and showed great tenacity to earn their certificates.  Despite the challenges they faced during the 5-month course, they never wavered in their enthusiasm and love for the Dhamma.

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2 December 2015

Participants sit for Buddhist Examination

On Saturday, 21 November, BPS303 – Certificate in Buddhist Studies participants sat for the written examination which was held concurrently at Nalanda Centre and Kota Bharu Mettarama Centre in Kelantan. It was the last hurdle for the participants who had been diligently attending lectures and completing their personal and group assignments since the course started in early July.

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26 November 2015

Participants sit for examination in Kelantan

The 26 participants of BPS 303 – Certificate in Buddhist Studies from Kota Bharu, Kelantan, are certainly an inspiration to all students of Dhamma.  Even though theirs was a distant-learning course, it did not put a damper to their spirits.  This was especially evident on Saturday 21 November when many arrived for their examination one hour early despite the wet weather.  A participant said that she had to drive more than an hour just to get to Kota Bharu Mettarama Centre where the examination was held.

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9 November 2015

Course participants impress with presentations

Saturday 31 October was Group Assignment Presentation Day for participants of BPS 303 – Buddhist Studies course.  It was the ‘grand finale’ to a 10-session course which began on 4 July.  The participants were divided into 11 groups and they had two options to choose from.  The first option was to conduct a survey to find out how much Buddhists themselves understood Buddhism, and the second was to take part in an activity which reflected the ‘Ten Wholesome Deeds’.

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