30 April 2020

‘Buddha Day’ theme to be announced

Every year, a few days before Wesak Full-moon ‘Buddha Day’, a theme will be announced for that particular year’s celebration.  The purpose of having a theme is to focus devotees’ attention to an important aspect of Dhamma learning and practice that will help us grow spiritually.  The theme will subsequently be explained and elaborated upon in Dhamma talks over the entire year.

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29 April 2020

Launching of ‘Buddha Day’ theme

This Thursday 30 April, we invite everyone to go “live” on Nalanda Facebook to witness the launching of the 2020 Wesak ‘Buddha Day’ Theme.  In conjunction with the launching, Bro.Tan will be giving a talk on ‘achieving tranquility in unsettling times’.

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20 April 2020

Mettā Sutta Online Course

The Karaniya Mettā Sutta is one of the most popular discourses of the Buddha.  Many Buddhists must have heard it recited in temples and at homes for blessings.  However the discourse also contains very deep and insightful teachings which can strengthen our Dhamma practice.

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17 April 2020

“Facebook Live” Dhamma talk

We invite you to join a talk by Bro.Tan on selected verses of the Dhammapada, an inspiring collection of the Buddha’s quotes.  The talk will be live-streamed on Nalanda Facebook page.  All are welcome!

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