Nalanda Book Cafe

25 March 2024

‘Happy Young Adults’ explore well-being in life

On Tuesday 19 March, 30 youths came together at Nalanda Book Café Community Centre to explore ways to develop ourselves holistically at the Happy Young Adults programme.  Guided by Bro. Tan Siang Chye, the group consisted mainly of young adults who are at the start of their careers, often facing similar challenges at work.

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26 February 2024

Esteemed visit by Tan Chao Khun Samai on Māgha Pūja Day

On Saturday 24 February, Nalanda was honoured to host Venerable Tan Chao Khun Samai for an alms-round on our monthly Pindacara route at Taman OUG morning market, a Dhamma Chat in Nalanda Community Centre, and a tour of Nalanda Centre, Sri Serdang.  In just one day, Tan Chao Khun Samai made a mark on many members of the community through his teachings and benevolence in accepting offerings.

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25 February 2024

Happy Young Adults Programme – sign up now!

Do you feel strained at work and want to find out how to cope better?  Perhaps you are facing challenges and would like to learn from others how to overcome them.  Come and join the ‘Happy Young Adults’ Programme, organised by Nalanda Youth Centre for young adults to learn how to manage stress at work and in life, and to excel in well-being. 

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18 February 2024

Pindacāra & Dhamma chat with Ven. Tan Chao Khun Samai

Join us this coming Saturday 24 February, on the full-moon day of the month Māgha, for a special programme with Phra Thepsilaporn, fondly known as Ven. Tan Chao Khun Samai.  We will start this auspicious day cultivating generosity in the morning pindacara led by Ven. Tan Chao Khun Samai at the O.U.G. market at 8.30am, and adjourn to Nalanda Book Café in Sri Petaling for a Dhamma chat.   You may bring along cooked food and fruits for offering.  All are welcome to join.

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27 March 2023

‘Happy Young Adults’ programme begins 28 March

The first session of ‘Happy Young Adults’ commences tomorrow, 28 March, at Nalanda Book Café Community Centre in Sri Petaling. Hosted by Nalanda Youth Centre, this 3-month programme is tailored for young adults to learn how to better cope with stress in life, and to excel in well-being. We look forward to welcoming registered participants to embark on this Dhamma learning journey together!

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