19 August 2014

Nalanda Free School Exam-Preparation Seminar

On Saturday 16 August, 220 students from five secondary schools in Seri Kembangan and Kajang attended an informative and inspiring SPM Chemistry Examination Preparation Seminar at SMK Seri Kembangan.  The full-day seminar was jointly organised by Nalanda Free School and SMK Seri Kembangan to equip students with a more thorough understanding of the subject, in preparation for their upcoming SPM examination.

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13 October 2013

Inspiring and beneficial SPM Seminar

On Saturday 12 October, Nalanda Free School organised an SPM Chemistry Examination Preparation Seminar to help Fifth-formers prepare for our upcoming exams. 78 students from 6 schools in Seri Kembangan and Kajang attended the full-day workshop at Nalanda Centre. We were honoured to have Sis. Khor Swee Moi, a dedicated volunteer teacher at Nalanda Free School, and “Guru Cemerlang (Kimia)” in 2010 (awarded by the Ministry of Education Malaysia) to conduct the course.

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25 June 2013

Career Exploration Seminar

On 22 June, a Career Exploration Seminar was held at Nalanda Centre and was mostly attended by teenagers aged 16 to 18.  Counsellor Bro. Aggaphala Yap Hock Heng guided participants in exploring their personal interests and priorities, leading them on a journey of self-discovery. It was a thought-provoking and highly interactive session as the youngsters took the opportunity to clarify and find out more about how they can translate what they like to do into potential future career options!

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20 August 2012

Good Preparation leads to Good Results!

11 August 2012

‘Get Ready!’ Examination Preparation Seminars

With examinations just around the corner, it is only natural for students to feel tension and worry building up. Stress in the right amount can motivate students to start getting serious with their studies, but excessive stress can hinder learning and sap their energy. Knowing this and the importance of mental wellbeing, Nalanda Free School conducted two workshops on 11 August for UPSR and PMR students.

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24 July 2012

Nalanda Free School exam preparation seminars

Nalanda Free School is organising the above two examination preparation seminars to benefit students facing UPSR and PMR soon.  Participation in the seminars is free.  Look for details on the above poster.

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