Sunday Service

10 June 2014

Inspiring first Gimhāna Service Sunday

Article by Gan Bee Ching | Photographs by Gan Jia Cheng

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31 May 2014

Welcome to Service Sunday at Nalanda Centre

It is truly inspiring to learn and practise Dhamma with like-minded friends in a supportive and friendly community.  We welcome everyone to join us tomorrow (1 June) at Nalanda Centre Sri Serdang for the first Service Sunday of the Gimhāna Period.  There will be meditation, chanting, and Dhamma teaching by Bro. H S Tan.  Vegetarian lunch will be served to all devotees after the Service.  See you at Nalanda. Sukhihontu!

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11 May 2014

Wesak Observance begins at Nalanda Centre

The 3-day Wesak Observance programme began in earnest at Nalanda Centre this morning. Since 7 am, devotees have been streaming into the centre in Sri Serdang.  The first official programme of the day was the morning Buddha-Pūja (offerings), meditation, and chanting, followed by a Dhamma Talk by Bro. Charlie Chia.

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26 April 2014

Joyfully preparing for Buddha Day

Article by Muditā Chan.

On 20 April, members and devotees of Nalanda Johor Bahru Branch gathered for Service Sunday with pūja, chanting and meditation.  As ‘Buddha Day’ (Wesak Full-moon) is merely 3 weeks away, Nalandians and devotees worked together to put in place programmes to observe this sacred occasion.

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25 April 2014

Second session at Nalanda for NS trainees

Article by Ajita Lim.

On Sunday 20 April, Nalandian youths had a truly wonderful session with the new batch of National Service (NS) trainees at Nalanda Centre.  Arriving half an hour earlier and catching us by surprise while we were in the midst of preparing for their programme, Nalandian youths did a great job in quickly setting things in order to welcome the NS trainees.

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23 April 2014

Preparations underway for Buddha Day

Article by Ajita Lim.

Wesak Day is fast approaching and all Nalandians are hastening our efforts to welcome this joyous occasion which commemorates the birth, Enlightenment and passing away of our revered teacher, the Buddha.  On 20 April, devotees congregated at Nalanda Centre for the weekly Service Sunday and to volunteer their help for ‘Buddha Day’ (Wesak) preparations.

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19 April 2014

Commemoration Service for Anagarika Dharmapala

On 13 April, Nalanda organized a special commemoration service for Anagarika Dharmapala, a great son of Sri Lanka, a model lay Buddhist, and a prolific Dhammaduta of modern times, to mark his 150th birth anniversary.

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16 April 2014

Weekend of bonding and learning

Article by Muditā Chan | Photographs by Yap Yi An & Yap Kuan Yi.

Over the weekend, Nalandians and devotees in Johor Bahru came together for a time of bonding and Dhamma learning.  On Saturday, 12 April members of Nalanda JB Branch had their first Members’ Day held at the NEO Centre in Taman Johor Jaya.  Founder Bro. Tan was present to share on Buddhist culture, teachings and practice.  Members had an interactive session and shared their reflections, in line with Nalanda’s 8 Core Values.

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8 April 2014

A joyful Service Sunday and Wesak preparations

On 6 April, devotees gathered at Nalanda Centre for the weekly Service Sunday and also to participate in the preparations for the upcoming Buddha Day Observance (or more commonly known as Wesak).

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2 April 2014

Service Sunday talk on ‘Wise Reflections’

On 30 March, the Director of Pustaka Nalanda Bro. Ananda Fong delivered a Dhamma Talk on “Wise Reflections according to the Buddha’s Teaching”.  The talk aimed at deepening devotees’ understanding of what is meant by ‘Reflection’, one of Nalanda’s Eight Core Values.

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