Turn kindness into a habit

Acts of kindness bring out the best in others and ourselves.

Kindness carries the quality of love and friendliness.  It displaces defilements such as anger, greed and aversion because kindness is built upon virtues such as generosity, care and thoughtfulness.  As human beings, we have an unlimited capacity to be kind when we train our minds to see the realities of life.

The nature of being kind is nurtured when we understand that all beings experience suffering in varying degrees.  Each have their own plight and encounter difficulties, insecurities and uncertainty just as we do.   Conscious of this truth, our minds become clearer as we relinquish thoughts of self and self-preservation.  We can then respond with loving-kindness, empathy and compassion in any situation.

One who cultivates the habit of thinking, speaking and acting with gentleness and consideration will gain much serenity within.  True acts of kindness also generate the unavoidable side effects of joy and happiness.  May we all make kindness our most endearing habit by reaching out to enrich the lives of others.