Press Report

22 March 2017

Awaaz India TV interviews Bro. Tan

On his recent Dhammaduta tour of Maharashtra, Nalanda founder Bro. Tan was interviewed by the local press and electronic media for his views on Buddhist revival efforts in India. In Nagpur, he gave an interview to Awaaz India TV, which is a dynamic media organisation that promotes Buddhist programmes and values.

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15 February 2017

New Supreme Patriarch advocates ‘mindfulness’

Thai media reported that the Prime Minister of Thailand led his entire cabinet of ministers and deputy ministers to pay respects to the newly-appointed ‘Sangharaja’, Somdet Phra Maha Muniwong, on Tuesday, 14 February.

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9 December 2016

Alms-round on the streets of Penang

Photograph credits to Gary Chen and The Star.

Malaysian daily The Star reported that 135 ‘bhikshus’ (monks), ‘bhikshunis’ (nuns), and novices went on an alms-gathering procession on the streets of George Town on 8 December.  The alms-round was held in conjunction with a novitiate programme organised by Kek Lok Si, the largest Māhayana Buddhist monastery in Penang.

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22 November 2016

Buddhists pray for peace in Indonesia

Jakarta Post reported that around 15,000 followers of all Buddhist sects participated in a joint prayer ceremony in Medan, North Sumatra, on Saturday 19 November.  Dozens of Buddhist monks, members of the House of Representatives and local officials also participated in the event, which aims to invoke blessings for peace in Indonesia.

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8 October 2016

How long can humans live?

Researchers say humans have reached limit of lifespan

In a report published in the journal ‘Nature’ and reproduced by CNN, researchers suggest that humans are reaching the natural biological limit of our lifespan, and cannot expect to live beyond a certain age.

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10 September 2016

‘Family Fun Fair’ reported in the press

Malaysia’s leading English daily The Star today reported on the Nalanda ‘Family Fun Fair’ held on 31 July 2016.  The event aimed to raise funds for the proposed “K. Sri Dhammananda Centre” in Sri Serdang – which is a new facility dedicated to Buddhist education.

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8 August 2016

‘Star TV’ reports on Family Fun Fair

The recently concluded Nalanda ‘Family Fun Fair’ drew the attention of the local media for its scale, spirit, and unique grass-root involvement.  Today, Malaysia’s leading English daily ‘The Star’ reported on the event in its On-line page with a lovely short video clip.  Have a look at Star TV Report on 8 August .

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16 July 2016

Wildlife needs adequate space, too

A mountain goat in Alaska leaped into the ocean and drowned after photo-taking onlookers crowded the wild animal in the harbour town of Seward, 209km south of capital Anchorage. The goat’s appearance at the harbour was unusual and caused a stir, said an Alaskan Department of Public Safety spokesman.  Mountain goats are often seen in the cliffs above the tourist town, but not in the town itself, he added.

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11 June 2016

Teenagers’ camp reported by Press

From 2 to 5 June, Nalanda Dhamma School co-organised a dynamic Dhamma camp in Kelantan for teenagers aged 13 to 17.  The 4-day camp was attended by 122 students from all over the East-Coast state.  School Director Sis. Sunanda led her team of 8 facilitators and youths to assist in running the holiday camp.

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19 May 2016

Pray for safety of missing plane

EgyptAir flight MS 804 enroute from Paris to Cairo has reportedly gone missing over Northern Africa since early this morning.  The plane went off the radar at around 6.45am Malaysian time.  Let us pray that the 69 passengers and crew on board EgyptAir Airbus 320 are safely found.  Sotthi.

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