7 October 2013

Nalanda Art Exhibition Successfully Concluded

The inaugural Nalanda Art Exhibition held at Nalanda Centre Sri Serdang over 3 days was successfully concluded at 8pm yesterday (6 October). Since its opening last Friday, a continuous stream of visitors had been coming to the exhibition, many of whom first-time visitors to Nalanda.

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5 October 2013

Calligraphy Exhibition reported in the ‘Star Metro’

Dear friends, an article has been published in The Star (Friday, 4 October 2013) on the very successful Chinese Calligraphy Exhibition held last week at Nalanda Centre.  Please click here for the on-line article.

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3 October 2013

A Moving Memorial Service for Dhamma Teachers

A Memorial Service and Pūja for the late Venerable Prof. Kakkapalliye Anuruddha Nayaka Thero and Acharya S. N. Goenka was conducted at Nalanda Centre on Wednesday, 2 October, with much peace and devotion.

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