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13 August 2016

Thai forest monks visit Nalanda

On Saturday 2 July, Nalanda Centre was honoured by the presence of Luang Por Sophon, the Abbot of Wat Bueng Latthiwan, which is a branch monastery of Wat Nong Pah Pong in the Ajahn Chah Thai forest tradition.  As a boon, Luang Por Sophon was accompanied by Luang Por Nusin Santajitto (Abbot of Wat Katthaliwan), Luang Por Siri, Ajahn Thinakorn, Ajahn Pramual, Phra Jirapat and Phra Somchay.  The monastic entourage was on a 2-week visit through Malaysia.

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10 August 2016

Dhamma talk by Ajahn Vajiro

On Saturday 25 June, Nalandians were honoured to have Venerable Ajahn Vajiro leading our weekly meditation session and delivering a Dhamma talk.  Ajahn reminded us to live a life of wisdom by ‘knowing’ and ‘upholding’ the truth.  He also urged Dhamma practitioners to constantly develop happiness independent of conditions by cultivating a sense of contentment.

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17 June 2015

A tribute to Ajahn Chah

17 June marks the birth anniversary of Venerable Ajahn Chah Subhaddo – one of the greatest Dhamma teachers of the modern era.  We humbly pay tribute to Ajahn Chah’s immense contributions and wise teachings that have continued to guide thousands of people along the path of Dhamma.

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17 June 2014

96th Birth Anniversary of Venerable Ajahn Chah

As one of the most revered Buddhist teachers in modern times, the late Ajahn Chah inspired thousands of Thai and foreign bhikkhus to practise according to the ‘forest monk’ tradition. Presently, his many disciples continue to widen the interests of the world in meditation and in living a simple way of life.

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6 March 2014

Ajahn Chah Book Series at Pustaka Nalanda

On Wednesday 5 March, Pustaka Nalanda (Library) received the latest set of Chinese translations on the Teachings of Ajahn Chah, published by Dhammavamsa Publications.  The late Venerable Ajahn Chah (1918 – 1992) was a well-known Buddhist teacher in the Thai forest tradition.  He gathered around him a large cluster of disciples and students – Thai and foreigners alike – who have since propagated the Dhamma to the far corners of the world.

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24 February 2014

Dhamma Session with Ajahn Karuniko

On Wednesday 19 February, we were delighted to have Ajahn Karuniko guiding us in meditation and to deliver a Dhamma talk on “Mindfulness”.  After the evening Pūja and chanting, Ajahn skillfully guided the devotees for an hour’s meditation.  After which, Ajahn shared about the importance and benefits of calming our minds through meditation.

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8 December 2013

Dhamma Talk by Ajahn Cattamālo

On Wednesday 4 December, Nalandians and devotees had the opportunity to offer lunch dāna to Venerables Ajahn Cattamālo and Ajahn Cagino at Nalanda House.  Both Ajahns trained under the Thai forest monk tradition of Ajahn Chah.

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30 March 2013

Dhamma Talk by Luang Por Dumrong and Luang Por Jundee

Supatipanno Bhagavato Sāvakasangho. Of good conduct is the Order of the Disciples of the Blessed One.

Nalanda is honoured by the visit of Luang Por Dumrong, Luang Por Jundee and Tan Ajahn Moshe on 30 March. The venerables are from the Thai Forest tradition and disciples from the late Ajahn Chah lineage.

Luang Por Dumrong and Luang Por Jundee delivered an inspiring Dhamma talk in Thai, which was translated into English by Tan Ajahn Moshe. The key message was on how one can nurture faith in the Buddha-Dhamma through right understanding and diligent practice, while keeping it all very clear and simple. Devotees were uplifted by the beautiful Dhamma, and inspired by the compassion and wisdom of the venerables. Sadhu! Read more

6 March 2013

Ajahn Tiradhammo at Nalanda Centre

Ajahn Tiradhammo from Canada visited Nalanda Centre and delivered an insightful Dhamma talk this evening.  Venerable Ajahn is a senior monk in Ajahn Chah’s Thai forest monk tradition.  On arrival at 6.15pm, Ajahn was received by a group of Nalandian officers and volunteers.  He later had a conversation with Bro.Tan, before being taken on a tour of Nalanda Centre by Sis. Nandini and Bro. Andrew Lee.  Anumodana!

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2 March 2013

Sharing the insights of 10 contemporary Buddhist teachers

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