27 August 2016

Commencement of Buddhist Course

Report by Chan Jia Xin.  Photographs by Chua Siaw Kim.

Nalanda Institute’s 4-month BPS 304 Certificate in Buddhist Studies course  commenced on Saturday, 6 August with the inaugural lecture on ‘Four Noble Truths’, delivered by Institute Director Achariya Tan Siang Chye.

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17 August 2016

Meditation class at NEO Centre KL

The Nalanda Education & Outreach (NEO) Centre in Happy Garden Kuala Lumpur was packed to the brim last Thursday as a new meditation class got underway.  More than 50 meditators signed up for the class, which is the second to be held at the Nalanda branch centre following a successful one last year.

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30 July 2016

Briefing session for BPS 304

BPS304 Certificate in Buddhist Studies

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13 July 2016

BPS304 Certificate in Buddhist Studies

Nalanda Institute Malaysia is offering a 10-session course – BPS 304 Certificate in Buddhist Studies – commencing 6 August 2016.  This course will be completed in a single semester, and consists of four basic modules:

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24 May 2016

Develop faith and devotion with wisdom

On Sunday 8 May, Achariya Vijaya Samarawickrama gave a talk on ‘Faith and Devotional Practice’.  He explained that ‘faith’ in the context of Buddhism is not blind nor dogmatic, but is developed through gradual approach and proper understanding, which then gives rise to wisdom.

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15 May 2016

8-session meditation course ends

On Thursday 28 April, the Universiti Putra Malaysia Buddhist Society (PBUPM) meditation course came to a close for this semester.  With the upcoming university examinations and long holidays after that, the weekly meditation sessions will only resume when school reopens in August.

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28 April 2016

Observing precepts and morality  

On Sunday 24 April, Sis. Santi Cheang gave a talk on ‘Observing the 5 Precepts’ to participants of BPS 033 ‘Buddhist Practice & Devotion’ course.  She explained that Precepts form the basis of morality for Buddhists.  It strengthens our commitment to spiritual practice, and ensures a life of integrity and peace.  Precepts are observed voluntarily by devotees; they are not commandments from the Buddha.

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26 April 2016

Taking refuge in the Three Jewels

On Sunday 17 April, Sister Buddhini Tan gave a talk on ‘Going for Refuge’ to participants of BPS 033 ‘Buddhist Practice & Devotion’ course.  Sis. Buddhini explained that the practice of ‘Going for Refuge’ existed even before the Buddha’s time.  It was customary for a follower to proclaim his or her faith in the teacher or a higher power.

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29 March 2016

‘Buddhism’ explained in beginning of course

On Sunday 27 March, Sis. Paru conducted the first of six modules of BPS 033 ‘Buddhist Devotional Practice’ course, where she touched on the topic of ‘What is Buddhism?’ and ‘The Three Jewels’.  She explained that the coined English term ‘Buddhism’ refers to the religious tenets and practices centred upon the Buddha’s teachings.  When Buddhism spread to other parts of the world, it took on different forms due to the influence of local beliefs and culture of the indigenous peoples.

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27 March 2016

Lesson on Buddhist history

On Saturday 26 March, Nalanda Institute offered the third session of its BPS 201 Intermediate-level Buddhist Studies in Mandarin.  The topic was ‘Buddhism after the Buddha’, and it was conducted by Sis. Santi Cheang and Sis. Sandy Lim.  They also shared about the history of Buddhism in Malaysia and the significance of the Tipitaka in Buddhism.

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