Pertaining to missionaries and visiting Dhamma teachers to Nalanda or Malaysia.

2 June 2014

Dhamma talk by Ven. Ayya Santinī

Tonight we are honoured to host Ven. Ayya Santinī for a Dhamma Talk at Nalanda Centre, Sri Serdang.   Ayya Santinī is the abbess of a nunnery in Maribaya, Indonesia, and a well-known Dhammaduta in that country.  We welcome everyone to Nalanda Centre at 8.00pm tonight for an evening of inspiring Dhamma learning!

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20 May 2014

First Nalandian Dhammaduta to the United States

Nalanda Youth Centre is certainly spawning a new generation of passionate Dhamma messengers (Dhammaduta)!  In conjunction with Wesak, Nalandian youth Lim Jie Sheng, 18, has been invited to give a Dhamma-sharing at the Indiana Buddhist Temple in Hoagland, Indiana, this Saturday 24 May 2014.

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10 April 2014

Commemorating Anagarika Dharmapala

This Sunday 13 April, Pustaka Nalanda is organizing a commemoration service for Anagarika Dharmapala – the famous writer, speaker, and revivalist of Theravada Buddhism.

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21 November 2013

Nalanda hosts Ven. Dr. Henepola Gunaratana

We are very honoured to welcome the visit of Venerable Sri Pandit Henepola Gunaratana Māha Nāyaka Thero to Malaysia!  Ven. Gunaratana at 86 years of age is the Theravada Sangha Nāyaka (senior-most and honorary ‘Chief monk‘) of the USA and North America.  Also popularly known as ‘Bhante G’, he is a renowned Buddhist meditation teacher and author of several influential works, such as the best-selling ‘Mindfulness in Plain English’.

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24 July 2012

Terengganu Dhammaduta Tour

Fresh from visits to Java and North Sulawesi, the indefatigable Bro.Tan has again embarked on another 5-day Dhammaduta Tour to Terengganu upon the invitation of Gandharama Vihara and the Terengganu Buddhist Association, from 19 to 23 July.

Bro.Tan was accompanied by Bro. Charlie Teng and Bro. Willie Cheah.  En route, Bro.Tan visited the Pahang Buddhist Association and Kuantan Buddhist Association.  They were warmly received by the local Buddhist leaders and briefed on the activities and development of Buddha-Sasana in Pahang.

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30 June 2012

Thank you for supporting Ven. Yogavacara Rahula’s Dhammaduta Tour

Venerable Yogavacara Rahula has concluded the one-month Dhammaduta Tour in Malaysia 2012.  Many devotees throughout the country have benefited and experienced progress from Ven. Rahula’s clear meditation guidance and insightful Dhamma talks.

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2 June 2012

Dhammaduta Tour in Malaysia

June 2012

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10 January 2012

Jeff Oliver’s Talk

23 November 2011

Jeff Oliver

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