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15 June 2013

Daily Cultivation of a Dhamma Practitioner

On Wednesday, 12 June, devotees once again filled the Shrine Hall at Nalanda Centre for the first group meditation of Gimhana Retreat.  Bro. Tan guided everyone in loving-kindness meditation, followed by a quiet sitting as we observed our breath mindfully.  Despite the day’s hustle and bustle, most meditators experienced a sense of peace after the 45 minute session.

In his talk, Bro. Tan shared that there are three things that we need to do every day as Dhamma practitioners.  They are:

  • Dāna  (cultivating a generous spirit in caring and giving)
  • Sīla  (upholding moral values and maintaining our virtue)
  • Bhāvanā  (mental development through meditation and wise reflection)

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10 June 2013

Why Did the Snake Cross the Road?

The following is a summary of Bro. Tan’s teaching on 9 June, the first Sunday of the Annual Gimhana Retreat 2013.

Everyone was all-ears as Bro. Tan shared the interesting and insightful story about the snake.

As it was shedding its skin, this 12-feet long King Cobra snake was very distressed and undergoing a big change.  Half-blind, mad with discomfort, and in the heat of the high noon sun, it crossed the hot tar road not once or twice, but three times.  This was the sight that Bro. Tan came across one day on the road. Read more

6 June 2013

Nalanda’s Annual Gimhana Retreat

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5 June 2013

Gimhana Retreat from 8 June to 22 July

Nalanda organizes 3 special retreats annually – the ‘Hemanta’ in January, ‘Gimhana’ in June-July, and ‘Vassana’ in October-November.  Each of these 3 retreats focuses on different aspects of personal, communal and spiritual growth.

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27 June 2012

Purifying through Perfections

The following are Bro. Tan’s teachings on 17 June 2012, the Fifth Gimhāna Sunday, summarised by Sis. Faith Teh.

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26 June 2012

Asalha Observance at Nalanda

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21 June 2012

Recap, Review and Reinforce

20 June 2012

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15 June 2012

Our True Refuge

The following is a summary of Bro. Tan’s teaching on 10 June 2012, the Fourth Gimhana Sunday at Nalanda.

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8 June 2012

Kindling the light of Dhamma within

The following is a summary of Bro. Tan’s teaching on Gimhana Sunday, 3 June 2012

Attadīpa vihāratha attapatisarana
nāñña patisarana
Dhammadīpa vihāratha dhammapatisarana
nāñña patisarana

“Dwell with oneself as an island, be your own refuge,
with no external refuge.
“Dwell with the Dhamma as an island, Dhamma as your refuge;
have no other refuge.”

Mahaparinibbāna Sutta (DN 16)

Well-guided by the Dhamma, we carry its light within us into every moment, any situation – we are upright, serene and compassionately wise.  This is what it means to be a Noble One (Ariya).  As Buddhists, this is our mission.  In order to evolve spiritually, we must follow through our vision with right action.  Every day, wherever we are, whatever we are doing, we continuously practise non-grasping, radiate loving-kindness and accomplish wholesome deeds.  In every scenario, we can conscientiously choose happiness (sukha) over suffering (dukkha).  Rather than “I Can’t!”, choose to believe “I Can!” and practise “I Will!” instead.  In this way, we gradually transform to be better, calmer and free. Read more

6 June 2012

Meditate daily for our own Well-being!

30 May 2012

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