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11 July 2014

Connecting to spirituality

On Sunday 29 June, devotees continued the ‘Gimhana Retreat’ with more learning at Nalanda Centre.  Sis. Sunanda Ong gave a lively and interactive Dhamma sharing where she encouraged everyone to cultivate a ‘good mind’ daily in order to have calmness and peace.

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8 July 2014

7-week ‘Gimhana Period’ at Nalanda

Every year between the Full-moon days of May and July, Nalandians observe 7 weeks of Dhamma immersion where we often gather for meditation, chanting, Dhamma discussions, and communal service. This 7-week programme is called the ‘Gimhana Period’ at Nalanda.

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4 July 2014

+Positive+ Gimhāna Meditation Session

Report by Thong Fee Shen  |  Photographs by Gan Jia Cheng

On Wednesday 25 June, devotees thronged Nalanda Centre to participate in the fifth meditation session of the on-going ‘Gimhāna Retreat’.  Those who are new to meditation were guided by Bro. Tan in a separate class, while seasoned meditators sat in the Shrine Hall.  After the group sitting, Bro. Tan gave an uplifting Dhamma teaching on “Being Positive” – one of the factors for achieving mental well-being.

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28 June 2014

Learning to nurture resilience

Report by Gan Bee Ching  |  Photographs by Gan Jia Cheng

On Sunday 22 June, devotees congregated at Nalanda Centre for a joyful Service Sunday.  After meditation, pūja and chanting, Bro. Tan delivered an inspiring talk on ‘resilience’.  He said that just as one requires physical stamina to carry out activities, resilience is required for continuous and fruitful cultivation of a good mind.

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25 June 2014

Heart-warming and reflective Sunday

On Sunday 15 June, Nalandians and devotees participated in the third ‘Gimhāna Retreat’ Service Sunday at Nalanda Centre.  After pūja, chanting and meditation, Sis. Nandini Tan gave a wonderful sharing on family well-being.

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16 June 2014

‘Jettha’ Full-moon Uposatha Service

On Thursday 12 June, devotees gathered at Nalanda Centre for the ‘Jettha’ month Full-moon Uposatha Day Service.  The day marked exactly one month after the Buddha’s enlightenment.  According to tradition, the Buddha spent that period pondering upon the many facets and details of Dhamma, and enjoying the bliss of ‘Nibbāna’.

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13 June 2014

An evening well-spent with Gratitude

On Wednesday 11 June, devotees gathered at Nalanda Centre Sri Serdang to participate in the third meditation session of the Gimhāna Retreat.  After the group sitting, Bro. Tan gave a profound Dhamma teaching on the cultivation of a ‘good mind’.  Wisdom, the foundation of a ‘good mind’, can only be gained and retained through consistent cultivation based on Right Understanding. ‘Pāyoga-sampatti’ (Right Effort and diligence) is the most critical factor in gaining wisdom and to progress spiritually.

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12 June 2014

Full-moon Uposatha Pūja

Today is the full-moon day for the month of Jettha – an important period in Buddhist history because after His Enlightenment, the Buddha spent this whole month pondering upon deep Dhamma.  We welcome everyone to join us at Nalanda Centre tonight for an evening of meditation, pūja, chanting, and Dhamma teaching by Bro Tan.  Come experience the joy of learning and practising in the company of like-minded spiritual friends.  All are welcome!

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10 June 2014

Inspiring first Gimhāna Service Sunday

Article by Gan Bee Ching | Photographs by Gan Jia Cheng

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9 June 2014

Nalanda JB welcomes Nalandians from Sri Serdang

On Sunday 25 May, a few Nalandian officers and youths from Sri Serdang participated in the Service Sunday at NEO Centre Johor Bahru.  Sis. Sandy Lim was there to conduct a Mandarin Buddhist Studies course.  Sis. Sunanda Ong, Sugandha Ooi, and youths Nicholas Lee and Ho Yuan Zhan were in Johor Bahru to prepare for a learning camp.

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