23 August 2013

Nalanda presented with Master Hsing Yun’s books

On 4 August 2013, Nalanda was honoured to be among the recipients of Venerable Master Hsing Yun’s 16-volume set of new publications, which were published to mark the Venerable’s 75th anniversary of monkhood.

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3 January 2013

Launch of Nalanda Youth Library

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21 May 2012

Meet-the-Author Session

11 March 2012

Meet-the-Author Session

An Interactive Discussion with Dr. David R. Loy,
author of “The Great Awakening – A Buddhist Social Theory

Dr. Loy began his sharing by saying that the Buddha was a great social revolutionary who advocated egalitarianism during His time in India. Regardless of caste or social status, once ordained and entered the Sangha community, one shed his/her identity and strives only for enlightenment from cycles of birth and death. To the people of India at that time, it was such a revolutionary movement and a great social awakening.

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18 May 2012

Librarians’ OPAC Training Session

31 March 2012

Library & Reading Lounge

Volunteer librarians gathered on 31 March for a training session on the Senayan Library Management System which features the Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC), an online database with thumbnail document image support, Simple Search and Advanced Search modes, adopted by Pustaka Nalanda.

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12 May 2012

Monthly Dhamma Discussion

11 May 2012

After lunch, the participants went to Pustaka Nalanda for the sharing and discussion on "The Three Jewels (Part 1)".

After lunch, the participants went to Pustaka Nalanda for the sharing and discussion on “The Three Jewels (Part 1)”.

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11 May 2012

“The Buddha’s Apprentices”

Have you read a Dhamma book today?

Book Title : The Buddha’s Apprentices : More Voices of Young Buddhists
Editor : Sumi Loundon
Publisher : Wisdom Publications, Boston
Topic : Collected Articles / Experiences of Authors

The editor goes deeper to explore the unique and universal challenges faced by young people on the spiritual path – from issues of identity to mental health and intimate relationships. The book offers the voices of many teenagers and young adults of diverse ethnic heritage, as well as fascinating accounts from established Buddhist teachers – e.g. Thich Nhat Hanh, Ven. H. Gunaratana, etc. – looking back at their own youthful experiences on the path.

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4 May 2012

“The Buddha’s Path to Deliverance”

Have you read a Dhamma book today?

What can we do to make this Wesak a meaningful day?  Besides participating in religious activities at Buddhist temple or centre, we can also read a book on Buddhism and share our understanding with family members and friends.

Wesak Day is an occasion for us to commemorate the three important events in the life of the Buddha – His Birth, Enlightenment and Passing Away.  By reflecting on the honourable personality of the Buddha, and acting upon His teaching to the world – ‘Way to Peace’, humankind can live free from strife, and achieve well-beings in its entirety.

Book Title : The Buddha’s Path to Deliverance
Author : Venerable Nyanatiloka Thera
Publisher : Buddhist Publication Society, Kandy, Sri Lanka
Topic : Concepts, Teachings & Practice

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