10 April 2014

Commemorating Anagarika Dharmapala

This Sunday 13 April, Pustaka Nalanda is organizing a commemoration service for Anagarika Dharmapala – the famous writer, speaker, and revivalist of Theravada Buddhism.

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28 March 2014

Touching Memorial Service for Victims of MH370

Nalandians and devotees gathered at Nalanda Centre last night (27 March) for special prayers and a moving Memorial Service for casualties of MH370.  Founder Bro. Tan led the congregation in 20 minutes of Metta Meditation, followed by Pūja (offerings) and Pāli chanting.

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26 March 2014

Special Prayers & Memorial Service for MH370

We invite everyone to join us on Thursday 27 March, at 8.00pm, in a Special Prayer session and Memorial Service for the casualties of MH370.  Bro. H S Tan will be giving a Dhamma-sharing at the Memorial Service. Let us unify our thoughts and spirits to wish the victims and their families Peace.  All are welcome.

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24 March 2014

“Good Bye MH370 – May You Rest in Peace.”

Statement from Nalanda Buddhist Society Malaysia

At 10pm (Malaysian time) on 24 March 2014, the Honorable Prime Minister of Malaysia, Y.A.B. Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, went on air to officially announce the fate of MH370 – it is now firmly established that the missing Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 crashed into the Southern Indian Ocean with 239 people on board.  None of them could have survived.

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11 March 2014

3rd Anniversary of the Tōhoku Earthquake

As we agonize over the fate of Malaysia Airlines MH370 which disappeared a few days ago with 239 people on board, let us also not forget the victims of a devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck Eastern Japan 3 years ago today, on 11 March 2011.

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16 January 2014

A Tribute to Ajahn Chah (1918 – 1992)

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7 January 2014

100th day memorial for Buddhist teachers

Today at Nalanda Centre, we commemorate the 100th Day Memorial on the passing of the late Venerable Prof. Kakkapalliye Anuruddha Nayaka Thero and Acharya S. N. Goenka.  Both were luminaries of the Buddhist World – one a great Tipitaka scholar, and the other a great meditation teacher.  We wish both our teachers the highest bliss of Peace, ‘Santi ‘.

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26 December 2013

2004 Tsunami Remembrance Day

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25 October 2013

Somdet Phra Nyanasamvara passed away at 100

It is with profound respects that we announce the passing away of His Holiness the Supreme Patriarch of Thailand, Somdet Phra Nyanasamvara, on Thursday, 24 October 2013.  His Holiness had been the 19th titular head (Somdet Phra Sangharaja) of the Thai monastic order since 1989. Read more

3 October 2013

A Moving Memorial Service for Dhamma Teachers

A Memorial Service and Pūja for the late Venerable Prof. Kakkapalliye Anuruddha Nayaka Thero and Acharya S. N. Goenka was conducted at Nalanda Centre on Wednesday, 2 October, with much peace and devotion.

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