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Nalanda Youth Centre

18 January 2014

National Service Trainees at Nalanda

On 12 January, Nalanda Youths hosted 60 National Service (NS) trainees from the Semenyih Camp for a Sunday Service from 2pm to 5pm.  Nalanda Youths aim to share and inspire the young trainees with the beautiful Dhamma during their next three months of weekly visits to Nalanda Centre Sri Serdang.

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17 January 2014

First Youth Service Sunday in 2014

16 Nalanda Youths attended the first Youth Service Sunday in 2014 at Nalanda Centre on 12 January.  Weekly Service Sundays for youths begin at 9am with Pūja (offerings) and chanting, followed by Dhamma Sharing.  Last Sunday, Sis. Sunanda Ong shared on the meaning of ‘Right Effort’.  The youths in turn expressed their wholesome aspirations for 2014.

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9 January 2014

Member of Parliament for Serdang visits Nalanda

On Wednesday 8 January, Nalanda Centre received a special visit by the Honorable Member of Parliament for Serdang, Yang Berhormat Dr. Ong Kian Ming.

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5 January 2014

Nalanda Youths perform Spring-cleaning

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18 December 2013

Nalanda Youth Centre under renovation

Nalanda officers attending an education workshop at Nalanda Centre were brought on a tour of the proposed Nalanda Youth Centre, located just next door to our present premises in Sri Serdang.  The facility has been under renovation since last month, and is slated for completion by January 2014.

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13 December 2013

Fellowship Undergraduate Network (F.U.N.) Continues

“Season 2” of Nalanda Youth Centre’s “Fellowship Undergraduate Network” (F.U.N.) continues with much learning, sharing, and enjoyment every Saturday evening.  The 3rd and 4th sessions were held recently (on 30 November and 7 December respectively) at Nalanda Centre Sri Serdang.  Undergraduates from several public and private universities in the Klang Valley took part in those sessions.

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17 November 2013

Youths had F.U.N. at Nalanda Centre

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31 October 2013

Dhamma teaching at Nottingham University Buddhist Society

Bro. Tan went to Nottingham University Buddhist Society on Wednesday 30 October to give an insightful Dhamma teaching, accompanied by Bro. Gan Jia Cheng and Bro. Ho Yuan Zhan.  The night’s teaching at Nottingham was themed “The Man in the Mirror”.  It touched on how we can grow into a better person with timely and wise reflections.  The ‘reflector’ we use is called the ‘Mirror of Dhamma’.

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21 October 2013

One-day Meditation Camp for UPM Students

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11 October 2013

Nalanda Youth leaders visit PBUM 马大佛学会

Nalanda Youth Centre leaders Bro. Yeo Disheng and Sis. Lim Sumanā visited the Universiti Malaya Buddhist Society (Persatuan Buddhis Universiti Malaya 马大佛学会) on Friday, 11 October to participate in their annual programme to welcome new student-members.  The whole day event was graced by the presence of Ven. Chi Chern (繼程法师) of Taiping.

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