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30 May 2013

Wesak 2013 ‘Dhamma Appreciation Night’

The ‘Wayang Kulit’ (shadow-play) is a traditional performance using puppet-shadow movements and voice to tell a story.  The performance was perfectly executed with a fine display of showmanship by Nalandians.

A most inspiring ‘Dhamma Appreciation Night’ was recently held on 24 May to celebrate the Wesak full-moon Buddha Day. The dynamic performances that evening delighted the audience with its youthful zest and brilliant comedic effects. The night’s 3 performances were specially presented by a team of dedicated young Nalandians, who were ably guided by Nalanda Institute’s Director, Mr. Vijaya Samarawickrama.  Read more

17 April 2013

Youth Centre Sunday Dhamma Discussion

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16 April 2013

F.U.N. session discusses “Great Leaders”

On 13 April, the youths had another F.U.N. session! The theme for this Fellowship Undergraduate Night was “Great Leaders in the World”.  Bro. Aggavamsa Wong shared some inspiring stories and quotes from several prominent figures.

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31 March 2013

Visit by Buddhist Fellowship Indonesia and Buddhist Reborn

On Sunday, 31 March, members of Buddhist Fellowship Indonesia and Buddhist Reborn visited and spent the day at Nalanda Centre in Sri Serdang. It was a full day of friendly discussions as we got to know each other better and exchanged information and ideas related to Buddhism. Read more

29 March 2013

Career Talk for Youths

On 17 March 2013, a career talk with the topic “Plan Your Education and Career Now” was held at Nalanda Centre. The speaker, Mr. Lok Eng Hong, pointed out that the world is ever-changing very quickly. We should keep up with the news every day and be competent to cope with the rapidly changing market demands. Employers can interpret a person’s character by merely viewing the first page of one’s resume.  Read more

3 March 2013

Fellowship Undergraduate Night (F.U.N.)

The FUN is back! On 23 February, Nalanda Youth Centre conducted the fifth session of Fellowship Undergraduate Night.  It was a wonderful reunion for the youths especially with the spirit of Chinese New Year still lingering. Read more

3 January 2013

Launch of Nalanda Youth Library

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30 November 2012

Be a Part of F.U.N.!

3 & 17 November 2012

Organised by Nalanda Youth Centre, there have been two Fellowship Undergraduate Night (F.U.N.) sessions in November.  The first one was themed “Knowing Oneself”.  Participants had the opportunity to learn from Bro. Tan through his inspiring Dhamma teaching on the significance of understanding ourselves.

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13 September 2012

Fellowship Undergraduate Night (F.U.N.)

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