31 May 2015

Have a joyful and spiritual Vesak celebration

On 1 June, our friends in Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and several other countries will be observing Vesak Full-moon day which marks the anniversary of Buddha’s Enlightenment.  Nalanda Buddhist Society Malaysia wishes everyone a joyful and meaningful Vesak celebration.  May the guidance of Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha lead all beings to liberation from suffering.  Namo Buddhaya!

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29 May 2015

Wesak Eve Dhamma taching and chanting

On Saturday 2 May, which was Wesak Eve in Malaysia, we were honoured to hear a talk by Founder Bro. Tan at Nalanda Centre, Sri Serdang.  A capacity crowd had gathered for the evening Dhamma teaching, as well as for the Wesak Eve meditation and chanting.

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28 May 2015

Meaningful day of Dhamma learning & practice

Nalanda recently observed Wesak ‘Buddha Day’ with 3 days of Dhamma-learning and meditation programmes.  On Wesak Eve 2 May, a day of Dhamma teaching, group discussions and meditation was organised at Nalanda Centre Sri Serdang.   Devotees started the day with meditation, Pūja and chanting, followed by Dhamma Teaching by Nalanda Founder Bro Tan.

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25 May 2015

Wesak Volunteers feted at Nalanda

On Sunday 10 May, the Wesak Observance Organising Team hosted an appreciation luncheon for all volunteers and devotees who contributed to the successful 3-day Wesak ‘Buddha Day’ programme earlier this month.

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9 May 2015

Wesak International Film Festival 2015

The Wesak International Film Festival (WIFF) is coming again to Kuala Lumpur this June!  This is the fourth time that Buddhist organizations in Malaysia are collectively organizing the festival to showcase the best in Buddhist films as part of the annual Wesak celebrations.

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6 May 2015

Extended run for Photography Exhibition

We are pleased to announce that the “Passage through India” special exhibition at Nalanda Centre will be extended to 17th May due to good response from the public.  During its originally scheduled 3-day run from 1st to 3rd May, more than 1,000 visitors have viewed the wonderful photographs of temples, people and scenery.  The exhibition will be opened to public for the next two weekends – i.e. the 9th, 10th, 16th and 17th May – from 10.00am to 6.00pm.  Admission is free, and all are welcome!

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6 May 2015

Course on the ‘True Significance of Wesak’

On 19 and 25 April, Nalanda Institute Malaysia conducted two short courses to explain the true significance of Wesak ‘Buddha Day’; the courses were held at NEO Centre Happy Garden and Nalanda Centre Sri Serdang respectively.

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5 May 2015

Thank you for a Marvelous Wesak Observance

Nalanda Buddhist Society Management and members would like to thank all volunteers, benefactors, donors, visitors, and well-wishers for a marvelous Wesak ‘Buddha Day’ Observance! Your selfless service, support and dedication ensured that the 3-day programme was faithfully and successfully carried out.

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3 May 2015

Happy Wesak ‘Buddha Day’, B.E. 2559

Nalanda Buddhist Society joyfully wishes the Malaysian Buddhist community, “Happy Wesak Buddha Day”, year 2559 of the Buddhist Era.  Wesak Full-moon today marks the anniversary of Buddha’s Birth, Enlightenment, and ‘Parinibbāna’ (Passing Away) twenty-six centuries ago.  It is indeed the most sacred occasion for us to recollect His noble teachings that leads to liberation from suffering.

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2 May 2015

Wesak ‘Buddha Day’ Programme

Tomorrow, Malaysian Buddhists celebrate Wesak Full-moon ‘Buddha Day’ – the anniversary of the Buddha’s Enlightenment.  Nalanda Buddhist Society wishes all devotees “Happy Wesak” filled with wholesome joy, Dhamma learning, and spiritual insights.

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