26 April 2017

Fly the iconic Buddhist Flag

Today is the beginning (New-moon day) of ‘Vesakha’ – the month commemorating Buddha’s Enlightenment 2,606 years ago.  We invite everyone to join us at Nalanda Centre for chanting, meditation and Dhamma talk this evening starting at 8.00pm.

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28 June 2016

Nalandian tradition – Blood Donation

Blood Donation Campaign

As part of the annual ‘Buddha Day’ observance, members of the public are invited to perform meritorious deeds such as offering alms, observing the Eight Precepts, and meditate.

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27 June 2016

Nalandian tradition – Wesak Exhibition

‘Buddha Jayanti’ Exhibition

As part of the annual ‘Buddha Day’ celebrations, Nalanda Dhamma School has been organising educational exhibitions for the public since 2006.  Every year, School facilitators and students will prepare exhibits for the ‘Buddha Jayanti’ Exhibition in May, as part of their curriculum.

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26 June 2016

Nalandian tradition – Learning & Practice

Sutta Study & Meditation Session

The Wesak Observance period usually spans three to four days in Sri Serdang.  Nalanda founder Bro. Tan emphasized that the significance of Wesak Day is the celebration of Buddha’s Enlightenment – which has such a significant impact on humanity.  And the way to ‘celebrate’ His Awakening is to learn His teachings properly and practise them conscientiously; this is also the manner to truly honour and revere Him.  Hence, activities during Wesak should emphasize more on educating the community than merely on performing rituals.

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25 June 2016

Nalandian tradition – ‘Buddha Day’

‘Buddha Day’ Morning Service

The first Service on ‘Buddha Day’ takes place shortly after dawn, at around 6.45am, followed by monks going out for alms. However, the second Morning Service which begins at 9.00am is even more significant.  The “Wesak Traditions” posting today highlights with programmes held on ‘Buddha Day’ from 9am to 1pm.

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24 June 2016

Nalandian tradition – Wesak Eve

Wesak Eve Observance

Wesak Full-moon marks the anniversary of Buddha’s Enlightenment twenty-six centuries ago.  In the 1950s and 1960s, several international Buddhist conferences had recommended naming the occasion ‘Buddha Day’ to honour the Blessed One’s Awakening. Hence, Nalanda Buddhist Society had been using the terms ‘Buddha Day’ and ‘Wesak Day’ interchangeably since 2003.

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