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Wisdom Park

24 November 2016

Special Exhibition on Wisdom Park

On Sunday 16 October, the Wisdom Park Development Committee (WPDC) celebrated its first year of establishment and operations.  The Committee is entrusted to conceptualise a “Master Development Plan” for Wisdom Park, reflecting its function as a national Buddhist education hub.

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25 October 2016

First anniversary of Wisdom Park Committee

On Sunday 16 October, the Wisdom Park Development Committee (WPDC) celebrated its first anniversary of establishment and operation.  WPDC was formed in October 2015 with initially 13 members, and was tasked with preparing the ‘Master Development Plan’ for Wisdom Park – the proposed education hub for the Malaysian Buddhist community.  3 more members were later invited to join WPDC to strengthen the team.

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23 October 2016

Resolutions passed at Nalanda E.G.M.

Nalanda Buddhist Society members based in Sri Serdang had a successful Extraordinary General Meeting (E.G.M.) which was held on Sunday, 16 October.  The E.G.M. was called by the Board of Management to discuss important issues regarding the Society’s future development.

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16 October 2016

Monthly meeting on Wisdom Park

The Wisdom Park Development Committee (WPDC) members held their 13th monthly meeting in August 2016 to continue discussions on the Master Development Plan for the entire facility.  The Committee comprises 16 members including four Nalandians, eight representatives of the Buddhist community, and four technical experts. With every meeting, the development plan becomes more complete and closer to fruition.  Sadhu anumodana.

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26 July 2016

A year since ‘milestone decision’

It has been a year since the ‘milestone decision’ was made by Nalanda members to purchase a 26-acre parcel of land in Hulu Selangor to be developed into a Buddhist education hub.  Nalandians gathered for the General Meeting on 26 July 2015 voted unanimously to acquire the free-hold land for the well-being of many generations to come.

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22 July 2016

Wisdom Park briefing for Ven. Dhammavuddho

On Sunday 19 June, Venerable Dhammavuddho Māhathera, founder and abbot of Vihāra Buddha Gotama in Perak, was briefed by Bro. Tan on the objectives and concept of Wisdom Park.  Ven. Dhammavuddho was at Nalanda Centre to give a Dhamma talk that day.

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18 May 2016

Wesak greetings from Wisdom Park

Wesak full-moon is the most important day of the year in the Buddhist calendar as it celebrates the anniversary of the Buddha’s Enlightenment 26 centuries ago. Hence, it is also known as ‘Buddha Day’ – the special occasion to honour the ‘Enlightened One’.

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2 May 2016

Leadership briefed on Wisdom Park

Nalanda’s leadership was recently briefed on the progress of Wisdom Park by founder Bro Tan, who is also the Chairman of Wisdom Park Development Committee.  He explained in detail the proposed development in Phase 1 of the project, which is expected to take off soon.

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20 April 2016

Sub-committee meetings in full swing

In late March, the 15-member Wisdom Park Development Committee (WPDC) appointed several sub-committees to look into different aspects of project implementation, especially in relation to Phase 1 of construction.  The WPDC has recommended that the starting of physical construction be brought forward by one year (to 2017 instead of 2018), as good progress is being achieved in planning and organizing.

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17 March 2016

Wisdom Park Committee 7th Meeting

The Wisdom Park Development Committee (WPDC) held its 7th meeting on Sunday, 6 March at Nalanda Centre, Sri Serdang.  Among other things, the Committee discussed in greater detail the components of Phase 1 development.  The 8th meeting of WPDC will be held on 31 March.  We thank all members of the Committee for their devotion and hard work put into developing Wisdom Park.  Sadhu anumodana.

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