Wisdom Park

4 May 2024

Sri Jayanti Buddhist Institute Dhamma Camp at Wisdom Park

From 27 to 28 April,  Sri Jayanti Buddhist Institute held their Family Dhamma Camp 2024 at Wisdom Park, a campus built by the Buddhist community for the Buddhist community, with the participation of over 60 Dhamma School teachers, students, parents and volunteers. 

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20 April 2024

Earth Day celebrations this weekend

Today, over 80 Family Dhamma School students, parents, facilitators and volunteers celebrated Earth Day at Wisdom Park.  Energetic in their service, everyone contributed to the upkeeping of the grounds of this educational campus and planted trees to commemorate Earth Day.  Director of Nalanda Dhamma School, Sis. See Hui Shien led a reflection gratitude and on our role to keep the earth a safe place for all.

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19 April 2024

Wonderful ‘kalyana mittata’ at Convention

The gathering of members and core volunteers last week at the 10th National Nalanda Members’ Convention was a heartfelt reunion of our broader Dhamma family.  Kalyana mittā bound by a common goal and mission, joyfully reconnected with each other at the start of convention, and continued to encourage one another in their learning and reflection throughout the four days.

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18 April 2024

Grounded in realities to realise possibilities at National Members’ Convention

During the long holiday weekend from 10 to 13 April, over 90 Nalanda members and core volunteers came together for the 10th National Nalanda Members’ Convention at Wisdom Park.  Keeping to the theme of ‘Towards a Buddhist Missionary’, the group delved deeper into personal and organisational transformation through learning, reflections and team building activities.

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6 April 2024

Ven. Cunda and Ajahn Bodhidhaja visit Wisdom Park

On Sunday 31 March, we welcomed Ven. Cunda and Ajahn Bodhidhaja to Wisdom Park for a short visit.  Both monks are from Bodhinyana Monastery in Western Australia and had just conducted meditation retreats in Johor Bahru and Klang Valley.  An opportune meeting, participants of the 2nd National Camp for Dhamma School Teachers warmly greeted venerable sirs and listened carefully to their words of advice.

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2 April 2024

Dhamma School teachers connect and enthused at National Camp

From 28 to 31 March, over 100 teachers and volunteers from communities across Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, immersed themselves in joyful learning and service at the 2nd National Camp for Dhamma School Teachers.  Co-organised by Nalanda Buddhist Society and Theravada Buddhist Council of Malaysia, this gathering of like-minded teachers explored "Education of the Heart", a holistic approach to spiritual and personal development that encompasses not just intellectual understanding, but also the cultivation of virtues and qualities that lead to the transformation of the heart.

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1 April 2024

Thank You for an inspiring camp

The 2nd National Camp for Dhamma School teachers concluded just yesterday, with much joy and exuberance for all 100 teachers and volunteers.  Inspired by the learning sessions, discussions, forums, and workshops over the 4 days, teachers made aspirations to be unrelenting in this noble role of relaying the profound Dhamma, and in progressing their own learning and spiritual growth.  A big ‘THANK YOU’ to all organisers, volunteers and participants for the wonderful learning experience and spiritual friendship.  Sadhu anumodana!

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30 March 2024

Celebrating selfless service at National Camp for Dhamma School teachers

This morning, 70 Dhamma School teachers from across Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore planted the ‘Bunga Tanjung’ (Mimusops elengi) tree, dedicating it to teachers during the 2nd National Camp for Dhamma School teachers at Wisdom Park.

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28 March 2024

Hosting and learning with Ven. Ajahn Visālo

From 21 to 26 March, Nalanda Centre hosted Ven. Ajahn Visālo, an Indonesian monk who ordained under Luang Por Liem, Abbot of Wat Nong Pah Pong.  Devotees and members were grateful for the opportunity to associate with a well-practised teacher to learn the Dhamma and make offerings.

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26 March 2024

National Camp for Dhamma School Teachers is just 2 days away

We look forward to welcome registered participants to Wisdom Park, Kuala Kubu Bahru for the second National Camp for Dhamma School Teachers.  Jointly organised by Nalanda Buddhist Society and the Theravada Buddhist Council of Malaysia (TBCM), the Camp is a platform for Dhamma School teachers to learn and discuss ways to enhance approaches in sharing the Buddha's teachings in a systematic and engaging manner to the younger generation. 

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