12 December 2013

Inspiring ‘Mangala Sutta’ Course in Singapore

On Saturday 30 November, Bro. Tan was invited to Buddhist Fellowship Singapore to conduct a commentarial course on ‘Mangala Sutta’ (the famous “Discourse on Highest Blessings”).  150 participants from 6 countries, including 14 Nalandians from Serdang and Johor Bahru, took part in the day-long course. Read more

2 December 2013

Nalanda Institute Convocation Ceremony 2013

Nalanda Institute Convocation Ceremony for participants of BPS 302 – Certificate in Buddhist Studies was joyously held on 30 November at Nalanda Centre.  The ceremony began with an ‘ovada’ or advice from Achariya Vijaya Samarawickrama, the Director of Nalanda Institute. He complimented all graduates for their diligence and determination over the past 5 months to complete the course.  Achariya Vijaya also quoted ‘Mangala Sutta‘ to the audience, which contains Buddha’s advice on the way to live a noble way of life which ultimately leads to liberation from suffering.
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8 November 2013

Nalanda Institute BPS302 Course Presentations

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21 August 2013

Metta Sutta Commentarial Course in Kuching

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3 August 2013

Aspiring Speakers graduate from Training Course

A new batch of graduates join the ranks of ‘Aspiring Dhamma Speakers’ after their graduation today from the 4th “Dhamma Speakers’ Training Programme” (DSTP), organised by the Buddhist Gem Fellowship (BGF), and coordinated by Dr. Phang Cheng Kar.  The graduation ceremony for 14 aspiring speakers was held at the BGF Centre in Petaling Jaya.  Among the graduates were Nalanda’s Meditation Manager Sis. Sandra Yang and Communications Manager Sis. Faith Teh.

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12 May 2013

True Significance of Wesak

On 11 & 12 May, an introductory course to explain the true significance of Wesak was held at Nalanda Centre in Sri Serdang and NEO @ Happy Garden respectively.

Wesak Day commemorates the Birth, Enlightenment and Passing Away of the Buddha. These events took place on the full-moon day in the lunar month of Vesākha. This year, in Malaysia, Wesak Day is observed on 24 May.  Read more

29 January 2013

Mandarin Buddhist Studies Programme

Another good turnout for the second session of the Buddhist Studies in Mandarin course.

Session 2 – The Life of Buddha

In His 45 years of teaching the Dhamma, the Buddha exemplified the supreme qualities of compassion, effort, determination, wisdom, courage, patience and equanimity.

On 20 January, participants of Nalanda Institute’s Buddhist Studies in Mandarin course continued their discussions on the Life of Buddha, “佛陀的生平”.  Participants were truly inspired by the sublime qualities of the Buddha – the greatest human being that ever lived – who made such a profound influence in humananising civilisation. Read more

15 January 2013

Mandarin Course – The Life of Buddha

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11 December 2012


Nalanda Institute Malaysia 将在 2013 年开办 “中文初级佛学班”,让身为佛教徒的你我提升信仰层次,了解与实践佛法。

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31 July 2012

Metta Sutta Workshop in Terengganu

20 – 22 July

Over 3 days, Bro. Tan was invited by Gandhārama Vihāra to conduct a commentarial course on the Karaniya Mettā Sutta in Terengganu. The workshop was held at the beautiful Kenyir Lake Resort amidst peaceful surroundings. In a series of 7 talks, Bro. Tan inspired the more than 40 participants with insightful teachings and gladdened everyone’s heart with Dhamma!

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