Sangha Day

5 November 2023

Gratitude & rejoice at Sangha Day

Last Sunday 29 October, over 300 Nalanda members, Dhamma School students, volunteers and devotees gathered for a joyous Sangha Day Observance at Nalanda Centre.  Friends and families from across Malaysia, came together to learn Dhamma and perform the meritorious deed of honouring the virtues and contributions of the monastic community.

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29 October 2023

Thank you for a joyous Sangha Day

This morning on the full-moon day of Kattika month, over 300 members, devotees and Dhamma School students gathered for Sangha Day at Nalanda Centre to honour the virtues and contributions of the monastic community. 

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25 October 2023

Join us for Sangha Day this Sunday

We invite you to join Sangha Day this Sunday 29 October to express gratitude and support Sangha members by offering robes, requisites and funds for their medical care and education. The service starts at 9am and features Dhamma talks in English and in Mandarin (full programme below).

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21 October 2023

Let us pay tribute to the Maha Sangha

With the completion of the Rains-Retreat (Vassana), lay Buddhists around the world have been engaged in the joyous and festive ‘Kathina-offering’ season, making offerings to honour the Sangha (the Buddhist monastic order).  In Itivuttaka verse 107, the Buddha said to his retinue “Monks, brahmans & householders are very helpful to you, as they provide you with the requisites of robes, alms food, lodgings, & medical requisites for the sick.

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9 October 2023

Sangha Day Observance

Join us at Nalanda Centre to observe ‘Sangha Day’ on Sunday 29 October, an important occasion for Buddhists to honour the virtues and contributions of the monastic community.  We invite you and your loved ones to partake in this meritorious act by offering robes, requisites and making sponsorship towards the Sangha fund, which are channelled to support monastics for their medical and educational needs.

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20 September 2023

Sangha Day B.E. 2567

‘Sangha Day’ is an important occasion at Nalanda for the lay community to honour the virtues and contributions of the Māha Sangha (monastic order) in preserving and propagating Buddhism.  This is an occasion to express gratitude to monks and nuns who strive diligently to bring happiness and peace to mankind.  Devotees in return offer robes, food, medicinal support, educational support, and other requisites to them. 

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