28 April 2014

Insightful Dhamma Sharing in Sungai Petani

In conjunction with Bro. Tan’s visit to Kedah, the President of Gurun Buddhist Association Mr. Khaw Kheng Hooi invited Bro. Tan to deliver a talk at his residence for relatives and close friends on Friday, 25 April.  Bro. Tan gave an insightful Mandarin and Hokkien sharing on the meaning of ‘Practice and Cultivation’.

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21 April 2014

Insightful Study Tour to Northern Malaysia

42 members of Buddhist Fellowship and Firefly Mission Singapore had an insightful 4-day tour to the northern states of Penang, Kedah and Perlis from 17 to 20 April 2014. The highlight of the study tour was a day-long visit to Bujang Valley guided by Bro Tan.

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25 February 2014

Inaugural AGM for Sungai Petani Branch

The inaugural Nalanda Sungai Petani Branch’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) was successfully held on Saturday 22 February, at Cinta Sayang Resort, Kedah.  At the meeting, members elected a Management Committee to lead the branch for the next two years, headed by Chairman Bro. Khaw Seng Giap and Deputy Chairman Bro. Teoh Soon Liang.  Sis. Sumedha Lee is the new Branch Secretary, while Bro. Por Lee Tee was elected the Branch Treasurer.

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24 December 2013

Nalanda Kedah Branch preparing for 2014

In conjunction with Bro. Tan’s visit to Kedah, the Pro-tem Committee of Nalanda Kedah Branch met with him on Sunday, 22 December in Sungai Petani to discuss upcoming programmes for next year. In 2014, the committee agreed that they need to build two things – firstly the Nalanda Northern team (people), and secondly the NEO Centre in Sungai Petani (temple).

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9 December 2013

Johor Nalandians visit Kedah & Perlis

Nalanda Johor Bahru Branch members had a very enlightening and enjoyable 4-day study tour to Kedah and Perlis, from 22 – 25 November.  The entourage left NEO Centre in JB on 22 November and stopped over for lunch at our ‘spiritual home’ – Nalanda Centre Sri Serdang.  The group of 30 participants also visited the Buddhist Maha Vihara in Kuala Lumpur for a familiarization tour, thereafter left for Sungai Petani in Kedah. Read more

7 December 2013

Letter on Bujang Valley ‘Candi’ Demolition

Nalanda Founder Bro. H S Tan has sent an official letter to the relevant authorities regarding the desecration of an ancient temple in Sungai Batu Archaeological Area, Bujang Valley, Kedah.  We can only provide excerpts of the letter here for public information.

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17 September 2013

Enlightening Tour to Bujang Valley

90 youths and devotees had an enlightening tour to Bujang Valley on 15 September 2013, under the guidance of Bro. H S Tan.  Our one-day trip covered several archaeologically important sites such as Sungai Batu, Merbok, and Semeling, located in Kuala Muda district of Kedah.

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15 September 2013

Nalanda Officers visit Kedah

Several senior Nalanda officers led by Deputy President Bro. Lee Teck Beng, arrived at Sungai Petani on 14 September for a brief visit to familiarize themselves with Kedahan Buddhist communities.  Besides Bro. Lee, the other officers include Honorary Treasurer Sis. May Wong, Assistant Secretary Sis. Mudita Chan, Manager Sis. Joyce Lim, KL Branch Pro-tem Chairman Bro. Eugene Yong, and KL Branch Assistant Secretary Sis. Ng Tung Yan.

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14 September 2013

Joyful ‘Dhamma’ gathering in Kedah

A packed hall of participants attended Bro. Tan’s Dhamma Talk in Sungai Petani on Friday, 13 September 2013.  Devotees from as far as Penang and Alor Setar came to listen to the teachings at Central Kedah Buddhist Association.  Bro. Tan spoke about the way to approach Dhamma – that is neither “landing short” of it, nor “over-reaching” it.  The Buddha-Dhamma is defined as a “Way leading to the cessation of craving, through gradual learning, practice and realization”.

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