Pāli Chanting

18 July 2016

Asalha full-moon is ‘Dhamma Day’

Today is the full-moon day of Asalha month, which marks the occasion when the Buddha first taught the Dhamma after His Enlightenment.  He spoke about the ‘Four Noble Truths’ – of ‘Dukkha’ (suffering); its causes; its cessation; and the Path to its cessation – to His first five disciples at Isipatana.  That sermon which the Buddha gave became known as the famed ‘Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta’ – the ‘Discourse on turning the Wheel of Dhamma’.

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7 May 2016

Vesakha New-moon today

Today marks the start of the holy month of Vesakha.  This evening, Nalanda Centre will be hosting the Vesakha New-moon Uposatha Service beginning at 8.00pm.  We shall observe this spiritual occasion with offerings, chanting, meditation, and Dhamma sharing.  The best way to honour of our Great Teacher – the Buddha, is to enhance our efforts to learn and practise the Dhamma.  We welcome everyone to participate actively in Nalanda’s upcoming learning programmes.

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7 November 2015

Dhamma School examination for teenagers

On Sunday 1 November, 50 students aged between 13 and 17 years old sat for the annual Nalanda Dhamma School examination.  They were tested on their basic knowledge of Buddhist scriptures, including ‘Dhammapada’ verses in Pāli Language, and devotional chanting, following 10 intensive study sessions which started in September.

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5 June 2015

‘Buddha Day’ Pūja and Dhamma Talk

It was a lovely Sunday morning on 3 May, when Wesak ‘Buddha Day’ was observed in Malaysia.  The good weather with a constant, gentle breeze greeted hundreds of devotees as they arrived at Nalanda Centre to participate in the ‘Buddha Day’ Pūja and Dhamma Talk.

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29 May 2015

Wesak Eve Dhamma taching and chanting

On Saturday 2 May, which was Wesak Eve in Malaysia, we were honoured to hear a talk by Founder Bro. Tan at Nalanda Centre, Sri Serdang.  A capacity crowd had gathered for the evening Dhamma teaching, as well as for the Wesak Eve meditation and chanting.

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12 July 2014

‘Dhamma Day’ at Nalanda

‘Dhamma Day’ commemorates the preaching of Buddha’s first discourse after His Enlightenment – the ‘Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta’ –  where He taught His initial disciples the fundamental teachings of ‘Four Noble Truths’.  We welcome you to join us at Nalanda Centre at 9.00 am on Sunday 13 July, for a joyful and spiritual Morning Service with meditation, chanting, and a special Dhamma teaching by Nalanda Founder Bro. H S Tan.

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10 July 2014

Asalha Full-moon ‘Dhamma Day’ Observance

According to Theravada tradition, Asalha (month) Full-moon Day marks the anniversaries of the Bodhisatta’s Conception, His Great Renunciation, and the Buddha’s preaching of the first sermon – the ‘Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta’ (Discourse on ‘Turning the Wheel of Dhamma’).

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12 June 2014

Full-moon Uposatha Pūja

Today is the full-moon day for the month of Jettha – an important period in Buddhist history because after His Enlightenment, the Buddha spent this whole month pondering upon deep Dhamma.  We welcome everyone to join us at Nalanda Centre tonight for an evening of meditation, pūja, chanting, and Dhamma teaching by Bro Tan.  Come experience the joy of learning and practising in the company of like-minded spiritual friends.  All are welcome!

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3 June 2014

Jeṭṭha New-moon Uposatha Day Observance

Thursday 29 May was the New-moon day of Jeṭṭha month.  Nalandians and devotees gathered at Nalanda Centre Sri Serdang for Uposatha Observance and an evening of spiritual nurturing.  After meditation, pūja and chanting, Bro. Tan gave an inspiring Dhamma teaching based on the Buddhist parable of “blind men describing an elephant”.

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29 March 2014

Phagguna Full-moon Uposatha Pūja

Saturday, 15 March was the Phagguna Full-moon Uposatha Day.  As customary, devotees gathered at Nalanda Centre for the 8pm evening Uposatha Day Pūja and chanting.  Many practitioners also regularly observe the 8-precepts on New-moon and Full-moon days to heighten their spiritual awareness and appreciation.

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