9 August 2015

Happy birthday, Singapore!

Today marks the Republic of Singapore’s 50th National Day.  Our closest neighbour to the south is widely regarded as a well-developed and prosperous nation, known for its first-class infrastructure, education, and the embrace of multi-culturalism.  Many people attribute Singapore’s success to its superior geographic location at the crossroads of trade routes.  But then many other countries are also similarly endowed; yet they do not achieve Singapore’s accomplishments.

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3 August 2015

Visit by ‘kalyana mittā’ from BF Singapore

On Sunday 2 August, a group of ‘kalyana mittā’ (spiritual friends) from Buddhist Fellowship Singapore joined Nalandians and devotees for a spiritual and joyful Service Sunday at Nalanda Centre.  The group was warmly hosted by Sis. Nandini, and brought on a building tour by Bro. Charlie and Sis. Santi.  After listening to a Dhamma talk by Venerable Chi Kwang Sunim, everyone took the opportunity to offer lunch dāna to Ayya.

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9 July 2015

Visit by Buddhist Fellowship Youth, Singapore

From 19 to 21 June, Nalanda Youth Centre was honoured to host the vibrant youth and their mentors from the Buddhist Fellowship of Singapore for their annual retreat.  Our Singaporean friends had several inspiring and fruitful ‘Dhamma Chat’ sessions with Nalanda Founder, Bro. Tan who guided them on Buddhist Leadership which also benefited the Nalandian youths.  There was an interactive session among the youth to exchange views and ideas on the programme of their respective Youth Centre.

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8 June 2015

Nalanda mourns the loss of Young Lives

Nalanda Buddhist Society members are deeply saddened by the loss of 18 lives in a recent earthquake which struck Mount Kinabalu, Sabah.  On behalf of the Society, Nalanda President Sis. Evelyn Chow expressed her deepest condolences and sympathies to the families and loved ones of those who died in the tragedy.

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4 June 2015

Thanking our Dhamma friends from Singapore

Nalandians throughout Malaysia would like to thank our Singaporean Dhamma friends from Buddhist Fellowship (BF) and Firefly Mission for joining us in celebrating Wesak ‘Buddha Day’ at Nalanda Centre.  We are happy that you get to celebrate Vesak twice this year – once in Malaysia last month, and again in Singapore on 1 June.

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31 May 2015

Have a joyful and spiritual Vesak celebration

On 1 June, our friends in Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and several other countries will be observing Vesak Full-moon day which marks the anniversary of Buddha’s Enlightenment.  Nalanda Buddhist Society Malaysia wishes everyone a joyful and meaningful Vesak celebration.  May the guidance of Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha lead all beings to liberation from suffering.  Namo Buddhaya!

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29 March 2015

“Good bye, Mr. Lee!”

Today is the funeral of Mr. Lee Kuan Yew – the founding father of modern Singapore, statesman, and visionary extraordinaire.  He has undoubtedly done many good and great things to lead his nation and people to progress and success.  And judging by the hundreds of thousands of mourners who waited patiently for hours to pay tribute to him at Parliament House, the late Mr. Lee was also much admired, respected, and loved by his countrymen.

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23 March 2015

Remembering Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, 1923 – 2015

Article by Bro. H. S. Tan

This morning I woke up to the sad news of Mr. Lee Kuan Yew’s passing.  Although he had been unwell and hospitalized since February, with his frail condition and declining health seemingly irreparable, yet, the broadcast of his death still tugged at my heart.  Singapore woke up a grieving nation bereaved of her founding father; the world has lost another legendary statesman.

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23 March 2015

Passing of a Statesman and Legend

Nalanda Buddhist Society Malaysia records our deepest condolences to the Government and People of Singapore, as well as to the first family on the passing of Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, the First Prime Minister of the Republic of Singapore.

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20 November 2014

Cheerful Singapore BF members visit Nalanda

On Sunday 2 November, just days after the visit by 90 Firefly Mission members, Nalanda was again honoured by the presence of another Singaporean group – a party of 40 cheerful Buddhist Fellowship (BF) members.  Led by its Deputy President Bro. Jerry Ong, the group was in Kuala Lumpur to watch “Xuan Zang – Journey to the West” musical.

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