Pertaining to news or development of Wisdom Park.

12 November 2015

Venerable Aggacitta visits Nalanda

On Wednesday 4 November, Nalandians were honoured to welcome Venerable Aggacitta Māha Thero on his visit to Nalanda Centre.  Ayasma Aggacitta is a highly-regarded Dhamma teacher and the Abbot of Sāsanārakkha Buddhist Sanctuary (SBS) in Taiping, Perak.

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10 November 2015

‘Facebook’ page for Wisdom Park launched

Today, we launched a new Facebook page for ‘Wisdom Park’ to facilitate the communication of news about its progress and proposed development.  We invite you to visit and ‘Like’ the page at this site:   Thank you for the kind support!

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18 October 2015

Buddhist Leaders briefed on ‘Wisdom Park’

A briefing session on ‘Wisdom Park’ for Buddhist community leaders was held on Sunday, 11 October.  The briefing session was the second in a series arranged to provide information on the project, as well as to gather feedback from the community.  Ven. Sri Saranankara Thero, Ven. Dr. Dhammadinna, Ven. Bhikshuni Sing Kan, Ven. Sumangalā, Ven. Medhā, Ven. Anulā, and leaders of several Buddhist organisations attended the meeting at Nalanda Centre.

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5 October 2015

Meeting of Buddhist Leaders on ‘Wisdom Park’

On Sunday 20 September, Buddhist community leaders and Dhamma speakers gathered at Nalanda Centre to attend a briefing on the ‘Wisdom Park’ Project.  Nalanda Founder Bro. Tan gave a detailed introduction to the objectives of Wisdom Park and a thorough briefing on its proposed development.

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1 October 2015

Developing ‘Wisdom Park’ for a brighter future

Nalanda Buddhist Society is buying a 26-acre parcel of land in Selangor to develop ‘Wisdom Park’ – Malaysia’s first integrated Buddhist education hub.  The objective of ‘Wisdom Park’ is to make available facilities and programmes to (1) educate and train competent lay Dhamma teachers; (2) develop future Buddhist community leaders; and (3) propagate Buddhist values, culture and practices to the public.

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