India & Nepal

17 December 2016

Nalandians leave for pilgrimage

A team of 45 Nalandians left today for a two-week ‘Dhammayatra’ (pilgrimage) to India and Nepal.  The spiritual journey will take the group through places associated with the life of our great Teacher, the Buddha, starting with Uruvela (Bodhgaya), Rajagaha, Nalanda, Vesali, Savatthi, Kusinara, Kapilavatthu, Lumbini, and ending in Benares.

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14 December 2016

Sewing robes for offering in India

For the past few weekends, Nalandians have been taking part in cutting and sewing robes to be offered in India during this year’s pilgrimage.  Two sets of special robes and sash have been prepared for offering at the Māhabodhi Vihāra in Bodhgaya and the Māhaparinibbāna Vihāra in Kusinara.

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20 November 2016

Horrific train tragedy in India

At least 142 people were killed early today when a Patna-Indore Express train derailed near India’s northern city of Kanpur. Over 150 passengers were injured, 58 of them seriously. Sadly, more than 70 passengers could still be trapped in mangled rail cars.

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11 November 2016

Want to donate your Indian Rupees?

On 8 November, India announced that all existing ₹500 and ₹1000 notes will be demonetized.  If you’re still holding on to those denominations, try exchanging them with the money-changer soonest possible.  After 30 December, the two notes will effectively be worthless scraps of paper.

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29 October 2016

Happy Diwali

Diwali’, or ‘Deepavali’ in Malaysia, is often called the “festival of lights”.  The light that abolishes darkness is emblematic of the triumph of goodness over evil; truth over falsehood; and wisdom over ignorance.  Nalanda Buddhist Society wishes our Hindu friends across the world a joyous celebration of ‘Diwali’.  May you enjoy delightful reunions with family, and cheerful meetings with friends.  Namaste!

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6 August 2016

Teaching by Sayadaw Nyanapurnik

On Wednesday 22 June, Nalanda Centre was very honoured to host senior Nepalese prelate Sayadaw Nyanapurnik Nāyaka Thera to deliver a Dhamma talk. Sayadaw Nyanapurnik is also a Pāli scholar and Vipassana teacher who has been actively developing Theravada Buddhism in Nepal over four decades. Sayadawgyi was accompanied to Nalanda Centre by Malaysian bhikkhu Venerable Gavesi and two Nepali sayalays.

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19 July 2016

Nālandā declared “World Heritage Site”

On 15 July 2016, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) listed the renowned ancient Buddhist university – Nalanda Mahavihara in India – as a “World Heritage Site”.

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25 May 2016

Indian Buddhists visit Nalanda Centre

On Saturday 7 May, a group of visitors from the Mahabodhi Society of India (Hyderabad Branch) dropped in at Nalanda Centre Sri Serdang for a familiarization tour.  The group of a dozen elders was journeying through Malaysia and Indonesia.  Upon arrival at Nalanda, they were warmly welcomed by Nalandian officers and brought on a guided building tour.

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17 May 2016

Every stone tells a story

In archaeology, every brick or stone seems to tell a story.  And so it was when well-known Nepali archaeologist Dr. Basanta Bidari took to the podium and delivered a special lecture at Nalanda Centre on Thursday, 5 May.  Dr. Basanta shared his recent discoveries in the last two years at the ancient site of Kapilavatthu – the hometown of Siddhatha Gotama, who later became the Buddha.

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29 April 2016

Memorial Service for earthquake victims

On Monday 25 April, Nalanda Centre held a special memorial service to mark the first anniversary of the devastating earthquake that caused widespread damage and the death of more than 8,000 people in Nepal alone.

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